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Album of the day: Wizard Rifle – Speak Loud, Say Nothing

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Lovingly pinched from The Sleeping Shaman: What would you expect from a band with a name like Wizard Rifle? Bong-drenched stoner riffs? Crusty doom? Prog, even? Well, this Oregon duo are here to show you all these things and more, but in a crazed, alien invader kind of way. And they do not come in peace. Aw hell, no.

So, the first words I made it to upon trying to conjure a review for Speak Loud, Say Nothing were “utterly batshit mental”. In fact, I spent a good couple of hours searching in vain to find the means capable of summing up Wizard Rifle’s anarchic Frankenstein of razor-sharp riffs and genre references.

Opener ‘Tears Won’t Soften Steel’ is a clear statement of intent: sonically diverse, driven by hairpin riffs and unpredictable turns that recall early Mastodon and some of Torche’s melodic fervour. Sam Ford and Max Dameron make their instruments scream like mercy-crying virgins clearly not used to this sort of irreverent treatment, shredding and chugging and twisting with glee like a pair of desperate psychopaths mistakenly let out of the asylum.

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