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Album of the Day: Witch Mountain – Mobile of Angels

Posted on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Obelisk: Certainly the announcement that vocalist Uta Plotkin will leave Witch Mountain following their Fall US tour with Nik Turner’s Hawkwind places Mobile of Angels, the band’s fourth album overall and third with Plotkin fronting, into a different context.

If nothing else, it lets lyrics longing for escape in ‘Psycho Animundi’ and ‘Can’t Settle’ — lines like “Living in filth and dirt in rooms less colorful and cheerful than the cages in which we put animals in a zoo” from the former and the richly, beautifully crooned “Oh, it’s time to go” in the back half chorus of the latter — be read in ways opposed to how they otherwise might.


Witch Mountain‘s music has never been particularly upbeat, but the blues in Plotkin‘s voice seem to have a focal point here and if it’s a change that needed to happen, then the only really unfortunate part about it is that it comes as the four-piece of Plotkin, guitarist Rob Wrong, drummer Nate Carson and bassist Charles Thomas (also of Blackwitch Pudding and the latest in a succession of bass players) reach their highest creative watermark to date.

Released by Profound Lore in North America and Svart in Europe, Mobile of Angels follows two strong outings in 2012′s Cauldron of the Wild  and 2011′s South of Salem  — their debut, Come the Mountain  having been released in 2001 on Rage of Achilles before an extended hiatus — but it is leaner than Cauldron and more developed than Salem, the band’s considerable road-time paying dividends in the tightness of performance and the ground they’re able and willing to cover stylistically.

Production by Billy Anderson never hurts either, but what’s most striking about Mobile of Angels isn’t how the five songs sound so much as where they go.

The lurching chug in Wrong‘s riffs is a signature element in Witch Mountain‘s approach, and as the opener, ‘Psycho Animundi’ dives immediately into an affirmation of it. Cauldron of the Wild‘s ‘The Ballad of Lanky Rae’ was similarly direct, but the bluesier atmosphere of that track is contrasted by ‘Psycho Animundi‘‘s purely doomed stomp, underscored by the slow march in Carson‘s drumming.

At nearly nine minutes, it’s second only to centerpiece ‘Your Corrupt Ways (Sour the Hymn)’, and fittingly immersive, but there’s still a right-down-to-business feel, and the vocals start less than a minute into the track, beginning a tradeoff of verses and guitar solos that carries the central chug through a duration that feels less extended than it is.

Continue reading: THE OBELISK REVIEW: Witch Mountain, Mobile of Angels
(Courtesy of JJ Koczan / The Obelisk)

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