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Album of the Day: King Dude – Songs of Flesh & Blood – In The Key of Light

Posted on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Lovingly pinched from Ave Noctum: King Dude has quite a colourful musical history; starting out in metal band before embarking on a solo career that would romanticise everything to do with the devil and all his demons. If we look back over TJ Cowgill’s earlier works we are treated to dark and gloomy neofolk with lo-fi production quality that actually seems to enhance the music, rather than take away from it.

The accessibility of 2014 release Fear is what really ingratiated him into the hearts of the masses; the gothic style of his neofolk was seemingly left by the wayside as he picked up a guitar to sing us upbeat post-punk numbers about how fear is all you know and inform us that demons are watching over us.

King Dude - Songs

While this new approach to his music may have gained lots of fans, it alienated just as many – the murky and brooding tones of songs such as ‘Barbara Anne’ seemed lost forever. What made it all the more confusing was that on his most recent tour, hordes of ‘Johnny Come Lately’ fans thronged the stage, hoping to hear sing along numbers such as ‘Lay Down in Bedlam’ and were left confused when he opted for setlists entirely of old material (circa ‘Jesus in the Courtyard’).

Latest release Songs of Flesh and Blood: In The Key of Light heals the rift between fans old and new; there’s enough post-punk to please those who enjoy the Nick Cave and Death in June aspects of the music, while still retaining much of Rome-esque gothic folk sounds of old. While there are many who may only be aware of King Dude due to his collaborations with Chelsea Wolfe, this should be the release that lights the way to realisation that TJ Cowgill is every bit as deserving of praise and admiration as a singer / songwriter on his own as he is when collaborating.

What makes this album so remarkable is the diversity throughout; King Dude’s ability to switch between the swinging, dance-along piano of ‘Rosemary’ to the moody acoustic numbers such as ‘Silver Crucifix’ at the drop of a hat is impressive and it will make turning this album off of repeat a difficult task indeed.

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Album of the Day: King Dude – Fear

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