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Album of the Day: Ulcerate – Vermis

Posted on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Lovingly pinched from Last Rites: Ulcerate have been deities of the turbulent end of the death metal spectrum since their genre-defining second album, Everything Is Fire, in 2009. They continued their dark reign with Destroyers of All, smoothing the burrs from their product and shaking the world again.

If you wondered whether their change from the obscure Willowtip Records to Relapse Records would somehow dampen their sound… seriously? Relapse’s big seller right now may be Baroness, but this is still the same label that brought you Suffocation, Incantation, and Nile. They probably know their death metal.

ulcerate - vermis

Lest anyone should still have any fear, the Kiwi trio’s fourth album was recorded at the same studio as their last two, and engineered, mixed, and mastered by the same guy—drum wizard Jamie Saint Merat. There are just as many brooding demons trapped in the cathedral. Hopefully moving to Relapse will help get the band the publicity that they deserve.

Already, the first single, ‘Confronting Entropy’, has been making waves, with 20k+ YouTube listens in two weeks at the time of writing this review, more than 4,000 more listens than the next most popular Ulcerate track—a fan upload of ‘Drown Within’ that’s been up for three years. Hopefully the band will be able to do more extensive touring as well.

While it’s undoubtedly true that Vermis sounds like Ulcerate —just listen for the signature little trills that come right before a snare blast in the title track— this fourth outing cannot be dismissed as a rehash of everything we’ve heard before. In a new move, the band has included two (mostly) instrumental tracks in album opener ‘Odium’ and interlude ‘Fall to Opprobrium’. Being a band that often lets the instruments do the speaking for significant periods of time, particularly on Destroyers of All, this may not seem like a significant change.

But it’s all about pacing: Vermis takes pacing seriously. Where Destroyers felt almost post-metal liquid in the way it surged and seethed speeds and intensities, songs like ‘Cessation’ and ‘Clutching Revulsion’ have much more stark moments of stop-and-go. This choice evokes yanking a heavy weight around a floor, with all the associated pain of dislocation, and using the short interludes only heightens that feeling.

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