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Album of the Day: Tombs – Savage Gold

Posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from MetalSucks: Something about Tombs‘ icy style has previously made it challenging for me to get into, but I think I’m done keeping this band at arm’s length. Admittedly I was quite impressed when I caught the group for the first time way back when, but it was largely original drummer Justin Ennis (now of Mutilation Rites) that struck my fancy, and he only appeared on Tombs’ debut album.

The next couple times I saw the band live, I was left feeling uninspired by the overall vibe. But tastes change and sounds evolve, and I am happy to report that the group’s latest offering, entitled Savage Gold, has me re-intrigued and inspired to re-examine its back catalog as well.

Tombs – Savage Gold

Savage Gold opens quite strongly with ‘Thanatos’, a powerful beast of a tune that announces itself with distinction via rapid double-bass patterns and a focused, attention-grabbing fury. Subsequent track ‘Portraits’ also brings a healthy dose of passion to the fold with a black-metal-yet-not-quite-black-metal approach. Which is perhaps worth noting in a broader context; Tombs’ sound often feels like a familiar exercise housed in an alternative mode of attack, something I find to be an admirable quality in any band.

I certainly wouldn’t call this a black metal outfit in the tr00 sense of the genre title, but there are clearly elements that primary songwriters Mike Hill (guitar / vocals) and Andrew Hernandez II (drums, and the real technical standout on this new album) are influenced by, although they never let it constrict them. More than ever, Tombs continue to carve a new yet recognizable type of aural synthesis, one that is as informed by black metal as it is by post-metal.

Newest lineup additions guitarist Garett Bussanick (also of Wetnurse and Flourishing) and bassist Ben Brand (ex-Woe) certainly help to add a rounder sonic picture as well.

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