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Album of the Day: Pallbearer – Foundations Of Burden

Posted on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Sleeping Shaman: Pallbearer’s Sorrow and Extinction emerged as the sleeper (metal) album of 2012, eventually finding itself at the top of many end of year best lists and burned into the minds of listeners new to the scene; unfortunately, the signature strengths that define the core of the band’s sound – layered, complex melodies, subtle atonal harmonizing, and consistently evocative vocals – were all but buried by murky production, the ‘Achilles heel’ that plagues most younger bands hindered by a lack of money and means.

Despite these setbacks, exceptional talent and stellar songwriting prevailed as the success and universal critical acclaim of their debut so clearly shows; but the sword is double-edged for this kind of (early) career breakthrough, as the pitfalls for subsequent releases grow larger and multiply–that almost inevitable fear of (not) meeting expectations can cripple even the strongest acts. So how does a band follow what has been hailed as a near masterpiece? The answer’s simple: they create a definitive masterpiece in Foundations Of Burden, a 55-minute opus that obliterates the competition and sets the standard in progressive doom for 2014.

Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden
Those lucky enough to catch the single, The Ghost I Used to Be (also streamed below), got a nice glimpse of the band’s evolution since their debut; yes, the trademarks remain – carefully constructed musical passages, distilled and refined so that every note, riff, and fill is essential; the peaks, valleys, ebb and flood that define the build to climax – all present to compel. But the group especially emphasizes harmony (in all its various forms) on this outing, and these nuances in melody and atonality, could have easily been lost to the lazy ear without (producer) Billy Anderson’s chops to glean a perfected sound.

This song in particular shows a more accessible side of the band with its mid-tempo driving hook and beautifully melodic lead opening passages; Brett Campbell’s (lead vocals, guitars) powerful delivery adds yet another layer to a richly textured arrangement. Despite the overall complexity of their approach to songwriting (average track length clocks in at 10+ minutes), Pallbearer often thrives on the deceptively simple groove – unassuming riffs that flaunt a subtle (harmonious) interplay between dual guitars and bass; classic bands like The Obsessed blazed the trail with a similar appreciation for calculated understatement.

But where Pallbearer excels is in the integration of this technique as part of a more intricate total picture – songs never meander, passages seamlessly transition without convolution – and this ‘fluidity’ is not accidental; artistic discipline is the rule, and Pallbearer lives by it.

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