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Album of the Day: Death Penalty – S/T

Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Sleeping Shaman: He’s blessed us with the classics – Forest Of Equilibrium, The Ethereal Mirror, The Carnival Bizarre, Endtyme – the list goes on; as the main songwriter and penultimate “riff-finder general” for legendary doom outfit Cathedral, the name Gaz Jennings has been synonymous with skull crushing groove for the greater part of 25 years.

And as with most class acts, accolades and the spotlight have been secondary to sacrifice – the art of doubling down for the greater good of metal. When Cathedral bowed out after 2013’s The Last Spire, they were arguably at their most focused in years, churning out a swansong that, while not their best, was easily a contender for top props in the band’s back catalogue. Some thought the break was premature, but (Lee) Dorrian and Co opted not to overstay their welcome, deeming the doom metal country fully charted and conquered.

death penalty - self titled

Fast forward to Chapter 2, Verse 1 in “The Book of Gaz” – aka Death Penalty. With Dorrian’s urging, Jennings recruited some Belgian backing in fellow Rise Above (label) veterans SerpentcultMichelle Nocon (vocals) and Frederik “Cozy” Cosemans (drums), with the addition of Raf Meukens on bass – to bring life to the “bits and bops” (a Jennings term that’s hilariously awesome) accumulated since the late 90s.

But let’s get one thing straight: this self titled debut ain’t no Cathedral ‘part deux’. It would be unfair and frankly shortsighted to consider it as such. Just tune in to Nocon’s piercing banshee assault on the heavily metallic ass-kicking opener Howling At The Throne Of Decadence and you’ll see that handling the creative reins on this hate campaign is a shared duty; in fact, Jennings gave Nocon full creative license on all the vocal melodies for the album (of note, the title track on their debut 7” Sign Of Times was the only exception, where Jennings had complete control).

She brings some grit, angst, and nut-crushing muscle to the table; charismatic for sure, and her delivery carries many of the album’s cuts, making a track like Children Of The Night timelessly cool. Originally written for The Last Spire, the song is the closest thing to Cathedral on the record – lumbering grooves, heavy as hell head-banging battery and then Nocon’s croon – surprisingly smooth and laid back; with her near operatic harmonizing during the bridges, I couldn’t imagine this track done justice in any other setting.

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