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Album of the day: Myrrh – Myrrh (Vinyl reissue)

Posted on Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Lovingly pinched from The Inarguable: Vinyl reissue of the long gone debut tape from Minneapolis psych-droners Myrrh, here given a necessary remaster and an improved layout from Minneapolis label Soft Abuse.

This recording showcases the more obscure side of the Twin Cities music scene, and alongside Taiga, Soft Abuse is one of the finer suppliers of outre and brain-melting sounds our musical community offers.

Having recently played a show with Myrrh, I can attest to their incredibly crushing, dense, and narcoleptic soundscaping, and this LP release is a much-needed wider introduction to a band who deserve critical and popular appreciation beyond the sometimes narrow scope of Minneapolis ears.

Harnessing the awesome drone theatrics of Earth and melding them to the lobe-scraping expanse of vintage psychonauts like Trad, Gras, Och Stenar and Amon Duul, Myrrh simply force open the third eye by way of their mesmerizing viola / drum excursions into the great nothingness, creating fire out of sludge and carrying it down the mountain for the good of all.

For a duo, Myrrh froth up an astounding amount of sonic destructionism. The viola’s capabilities as a drone / pyschedelic instrument are on full display throughout, with Jackie Beckey‘s playing becoming something almost ritualistic across the record’s stretch.

Giant bowed lines collapse in on themselves and transform into scathing squalls of screaming feedback, transmissions from an ancient cosmos beamed into the listener’s linearity via intense distortions and significant amounts of delays and self-samplings.

Appreciators of Bardo Pond‘s more modern work will find many similarities to Myrrh’s approach as well as much to fall in love with; what the Philadelphia sludge-lords do with five members Myrrh easily achieve with only two.

Continue reading: The Inarguable: Myrrh – “Myrrh” (2012) [Soft Abuse]

Listen to Myrrh – Untitled 1 below.

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Album of the day: Circle of Ouroborus – Eleven Fingers

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