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Album of the day: Deep Space Destructors – II

Posted on Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Lovingly pinched from The Obelisk: There’s a touch of space-rock theatricality to ‘Spacy Phantasy’, the third of the four extended cuts on Finnish heavy psych rockers Deep Space Destructors‘ second self-released album, II, but even that is mitigated by the warmth of tone in the band’s low end, provided by bassist Jani Pitkänen.

Deep Space Destructors - II

Pitkänen also handles vocals where and when they pop up throughout the aptly-titled sophomore outing, backed by guitarist Pete and drummer Markus Pitkänen as well, and the band ranges in that regard from the guttural psychedelic chanting of the chugging second half of opener ‘Beneath the Black Star’ to the echoing Finnish-language incantations toward the end of closer ‘Sykli’. By and large, the songs are jam-based but not without structure to their parts, and II‘s flow is open and easy accordingly.

So what we have is a four-track / 38-minute European heavy psych record with jam-minded songwriting and warm, thick tonality in the guitars and bass propelled by organic grooves and classic rocking rhythms.

Hardly new terrain in the grand scheme of the current wave of Euro acts, but the Pitkänens and Pete have also shown significant development since the release of their first album, I , last year, branching out stylistically here and there while presenting a more complex songwriting modus all around, as demonstrated on ‘Beneath the Black Star’, which is genuinely plotted however jammed-out its parts may sound.

This move toward premeditation works to the Oulu trio’s favor almost as much as the Markus Räisänen cover art, the rich blues and intricate design of which effectively mirror the band’s engrossing style.

As ‘Beneath the Black Star’ stomps to its finish and album highlight opens with a jazzy bassline from Jani and Pete‘s open strumming, Markus’ drums answer back with natural-sounding thud, marking the launch of a gradual progression that plays out over the course of the track.

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(Courtesy of JJ Koczan / The Obelisk)

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