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Jakob To Silence All Voices At Roadburn 2016

Posted on Thursday, October 15th, 2015

On the fourth, and final, day of Roadburn 2016, you might be tired. A delightful and gleeful kind of exhausted, yes, but exhausted nevertheless – we are all but human, and Roadburn is a permanently intense and all-consuming experience. On that day, where massive heavyweights like Neurosis and Amenra will still beat the last remaining shreds of energy off you, you might need a respite. You might need a moment of introversion, an hour of a special kind of beauty filtering through the weekend haze, and that is where Jakob come in.

They will travel from far, far away to provide you that moment, too – all the way from their beautiful coastal hometown of Napier, New Zealand, but it will surely be as worthy for them as it will for us, when the connection is established between band and audience, and it won’t take long for that to happen.

Jakob has never had a problem getting under people’s skin. Ever since their discographic debut in 2001 with Subsets Of Sets, the trio formed by guitarist Jeff Boyle, bassist Maurice Beckett and drummer Jason Johnston has been a beacon of elegance, clarity and sobriety in the often overcrowded panorama of post-rock. Their development has been a joy to behold, culminating in last year’s Sines, a supremely flowing and majestically, ethereally beautiful album.

As it often happens, it is from simplicity that Jakob extract the deeper meaning within their music. There are no grand orchestrations, no overbearing samples, no guest vocalists on any songs. It is from the interplay between Jeff, Maurice and Jason that these songs live and die by, and once their spell is cast, you’ll wonder if there aren’t at least 20 people giving form to these instrumental masterpieces, such is the enveloping power they possess.

Yes, you will have your little haven of beauty on Sunday, but it isn’t just formless ambience Jakob will provide. This is sharp beauty, good-natured but with a lingering, riff-ridden menace to it; soothing, but able to stay in your memory for a long time after you experience it.

After Jakob play their voiceless set at the 013 venue, on Sunday, April 17, we expect most of the audience’s own voices to be silenced for a while afterwards too.

Roadburn Festival takes place between 14 – 17 April 2016 at the 013 venue, in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are on sale!

Roadburn 2016 - Jakob

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