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Roadburn 2016: Cult of Occult, Hell (USA), Inverloch, Usnea and Daniel Payne – Thursday, April 14th

Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Cult of Occult To Bludgeon Roadburn 2016 To Death

France‘s Cult of Occult are here to destroy you. The band will crush your moral standing and piss on your shallow grave – their alcohol infested, blackened sludge is exhilaratingly painful, oozes pure filth and goes for the throat. Cult of Occult will bludgeon Roadburn 2016 to death on Thursday, April 14 at Het Patronaat and there will be no escape from their sonic terror.

For those already worshipping at the altar of Five Degrees of Insanity, the band’s latest release and easily one of the best sludge albums to come out of 2015 – there’s no remorse! You’re all doomed to hell, so bow down to the heaviness of Cult of Occult, your only savior! Amen.

Roadburn 2016 Welcomes You To Hell!

Welcome to Hell! Sure, it’s the obvious introduction, but it’s inevitable. When it comes to this one-man horror show from Salem, Oregon, Hell is a constant, an unavoidable origin and destination of all the aural evil it produces. The ghostly M.S.W. – though joined by a full band when the rituals are taken to the stage – is the main figure behind Hell, and for a decade now that has been his vehicle to convey all the misery and horror of the netherworld.

Hell‘s full-lengths so far have been named Hell, Hell II and Hell III, and after a series of splits with like-minded terrible entities like Mizmor, Hail or Amarok, their EP from last year was called… Hell. It’s Hell every time, all the time, and you won’t find a more comprehensively spine-chilling sonic representation of what it would feel like to be dragged down to the fiery domain of the horned one.

Bone-scraping, emotionless drone doom is what you can expect from start to finish, a hellish, sludgy morass of sound so convincingly born down below that we might just reinforce the Het Patronaat floorboards so our souls don’t trickle down to the realms of the damned during Hell‘s performance on Thursday, April 14. See you in Hell!

Inverloch Will Slowly Make Hearts And Minds Collapse With Their Heaviness At Roadburn 2016

At Roadburn 2012, d.USK visited the 013 venue’s main stage to perform the pivotal doom classic Transcendence Into The Peripheral, as they featured two members from the elusive legend that was diSEMBOWELMENT. Now, after morphing into Inverloch, they return a somewhat different and even more exciting proposition.

It’s been four years of evolution, refinement and seeking of identity, which resulted in the brand new Distance | Collapsed album, one of the most anticipated releases of 2016. Retaining a few of the characteristics that made diSEMBOWELMENT so iconic, but adding a lot of their own twists – which were already hinted at on their debut EP, Dusk | Subside – like a more organic, visceral feel to the gigantic, Earth-shattering riffs and a more intricate and subtle development of shady ambiances, Inverloch will surely become one of the most revered bands in the scene once this new opus is fully digested by the listeners.

If it was already a no-brainer to have these illustrious Australians join Roadburn 2016 before listening to Distance | Collapsed, so once we picked our jaws off the ground after the first listen, it became positively mandatory. It is with immense pleasure that our necks will be crushed by the sheer weight of these doom monoliths, in the immersive atmosphere of the Green Room, on Thursday, April 14.

Daniel Payne To Bring southwest styled folk-blues to Roadburn 2016

In keeping with tradition of bringing dark tales of betrayal, spurned lovers, losers and death, we have invited Daniel Payne – songwriter and purveyor of southwest styled folk-blues and American gothic country – to head over from the west Texas high plains to Roadburn 2016 on Thursday, April 14.

Daniel Payne is certainly no stranger to the life of the hellbent musical gypsy. His exploits of rambling and relentless touring stretch across the globe. The human essence is the raw substance for his stories. A knowing smile and a west Texas drawl betray the ferocity of a dust storm from hell as he mesmerizes audiences, whipping his guitar strings into a trance like six cobras. Payne howls and mourns his savage observations of with keen awareness and penetrating wit.

Usnea’s Punishingly Harsh Doom Will Test Your Resolve At Roadburn 2016

Portland is a rich hotbed for quality doom (and other genres of heaviness too), and Usnea are one of the latest acts to fully confirm that growing reputation. Catching everyone off-guard with the brilliance of their 2013 self-titled debut, on which two colossal tracks collided with each other for a pitch-black display of how ultra-slow, tectonic movement-like riffs can create the thickest, most sombrely impenetrable atmospheres.

As if that wasn’t enough, there were two extra bonus tracks that became part of the album on latter reissues, creating a monument of unusual heights for a first album of a previously unknown band. Fortunately, Usnea confirmed all their potential with its 2014 follow-up, Random Cosmic Violence. Four more humongous, suffocating tracks, all flirting with the 15-minute mark and feeling more like 15 years each, which reinforced the bitterness and the anguish of the debut.

They’re fierce enough to justify the “blackened” prefix on their genre description but with an even more unusually angular approach to songwriting that makes this most anti-catchy of music strangely addictive and captivating. After registering these deep rumbles across sea for a few years, we have findlly lured the menacing quartet to European soil, more specifically to Tilburg, where Usnea will be a part of Roadburn 2016 – we checked the foundations of the Green Room and confirmed they are strong enough to withstand the forthcoming weight that will befall it on Thursday, April 14.

Roadburn Festival takes place between 14 – 17 April 2016 at the 013 venue, in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Thursday and Friday tickets remain.

Roadburn 2016 - Cult of Occult

Roadburn 2016 - Inverloch

Roadburn 2016 - Hell

Roadburn 2016 - Unsea

Roadburn 2016 - Daniel Payne

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