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What Is Best In Life? The Official Roadburn 2016 Artwork By Becky Cloonan

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2015

We at Roadburn are ecstatically proud to unveil the official artwork for Roadburn 2016, lovingly wrought by acclaimed comic-book illustrator Becky Cloonan who will be following in the illustrious footsteps of such predecessors as Michel Langevin, Costin Chioreanu and Arik Roper.

Born in Pisa, Italy, in 1980 and first coming to prominence in 2003 through her art in Eisner nominated comic series Demo, written by fan-favourite Brian Wood, Cloonan‘s mix of clean, bold lines mixed with subtle intricacies, Manga-influenced angularity and artful use of chiaroscuro and colour quickly marked her very much out as an artist to pay serious attention to.

A run on DC / Vertigo‘s American Virgin, a series of well-received self-published one-shot comics – both written and drawn by Cloonan2011‘s Wolves, 2012‘s The Mire and 2013‘s Demeter and runs on Dark Horse comics’ Conan The Barbarian title and DC / Vertigo‘s brutal viking saga Northlanders, both written, again, by Brian Wood, lead in 2012 to Cloonan becoming the first female artist ever to draw the main Batman title.

Along the way Cloonan has provided stunning illustrations for a new edition of Bram Stoker‘s immortal Dracula, collaborated with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way on the art for his Dark Horse miniseries The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys and, most recently, stretched her writing chops with new science-fiction series Southern Cross for Image comics, to name but some of her work.

In addition to her comic art, Cloonan – a serious music fan and metalhead – has long been providing art for t-shirts and gig posters for numerous punk, hardcore and metal bands, with her outstanding art for a number of t-shirts for The Sword in particular really standing out..

Her intricate linework, art-deco sensibilities and dark psychedelic edge make her the perfect match for Roadburn, with her comics background providing a fresh edge to the Roadburn aesthetic.

Of her work for Roadburn, Cloonan commented: “When I was asked to do the art for Roadburn 2016, I couldn’t have been more excited! After a lot of sketching (I mean, a LOT!) I settled on the image of a Queen, and as I drew her, she became this silent and compelling character with I think, quite a history. As the artwork came together, a larger story unfolded- I guess that’s just the way I work! You can see her at the bottom of the illustration, glancing over her shoulder as she leads a funeral procession of the old King… Just what was her role in all of this? And what will happen now that the King is dead?

“I’ll be doing a few more pieces for the festival that will hint at other pieces of the story, but I don’t want to give too much away. I’ve always enjoyed art that evokes a mood, setting and characters, but whose narratives are open-ended enough to let you draw your own conclusions.”

She’ll be providing the official poster art for Roadburn 2016 along with four individual day posters, yet to be revealed, and taking part in the official exhibition of art at Projectspace TilburgGust van Dijk.

We can’t wait for you to see the full scope of what she’s created.

Roadburn 2016 - OfficalArtwork

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