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Roadburn 2017: Hardrock Hideout With Distillator, Heretic and Atala! Wednesday, April 19 at Cul de Sac, Tilburg (NL)

Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Our traditional Hardrock Hideout at the Cul de Sac serves every year as a warm welcome to keen Roadburners, and this year we have some high-octane metal to get everyone in the right mood for the following days. Whilst the festival proper is looming large over Tilburg, newbies and return vistors alike will feverishly thrash-until-we-crash on Wednesday, April 19, as we’ll kick-off the 2017 festival at 8.30pm with the unholy racket of Atala, Heretic, and Distillator. Admission is FREE!

Forging 80s inspired thrash metal, Holland’s own Distillator embody every single characteristic of the genre that you can think of. The charging lead guitar stampedes, the high pitched screams and the rabid roads, the bulletbelts, the songs about war and destruction, the nicknames (their lead guitarist / vocalist is named Desecrator, naturally), hell, even their logo looks just right.

The release of second album Summoning The Malicious, which will follow their 2015 debut Revolutionary Cells, is scheduled for right after Roadburn, but we’re sure the Enschede thrash warriors will come armed with more than one tune from it to fire at us. Bang your heads!

…and don’t stop banging! Because Heretic are in the house, and as you should have realised from their long career – over 20 years of blasphemous rocking out already! – they will bang the head that doesn’t bang. Now in power trio format, Thomas Goat, Tony Hellfire and Tom auf der Axe know how to get a room moving with their Misfits-infused maniacal hymns to the horned one.

Tongues might be in cheeks, but horns are also pointing towards the sky and necks are being abused by black’n’roll bulldozers like ‘Blitzkrieg In Black’ or ‘Black Metal Punks’, and these are just examples from their latest Underdogs Of The Underworld record. Be prepared!

There’s a rumble in the Californian desert these days, and it comes from the crushing psychedelia of Atala. The trio’s newly announced second album, Labyrinth Of Ashmedai follows their 2015 album, Shaman’s Path Of The Serpent, and finds Atala returning to work with some of the most hallowed ears in all of heavy: producer Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Melvins, Acid King, so many more).

Together, the band and Anderson embark on a journey of pummeling churn, resonant spaces and unmitigated heft. Expect nothing less when Atala bring their hypnotic riffing to the Hardrock Hideout.

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Visual art at Roadburn 2017: Fursy Teyssier

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Atala To Embrace The Labyrinth at Roadburn 2017

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Just Say GNOD: Roadburn 2017 Artist In Residence

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Roadburn 2017 Single-Day Tickets Now On Sale!

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Costin Chioreanu’s “There Is A Place Called Home” To Be Released By Svart Records At Roadburn 2017

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It’s one thing to be gifted, but few people are fortunate enough to be talented in both art and music. One man who most definitely should count himself among them, is Costin Chioreanu. We consider him as one of our own here at Roadburn; his artwork has become part of […]

Day Tickets Roadburn 2017 On Sale at 18:00hrs CET Today, Thursday, January 12th

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