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Album of the Day: Rog & Pip – Our Revolution

Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Obelisk: Like a lot of “lost” groups the origins of Rog & Pip are winding and complicated. The duo of Roger Lomas and Philip “Pip” Whitcher trace their origins back to mid-’60s Coventry outfit The Sorrows, which found success not in the UK, but in Italy, and relocated to capitalize on a successful tour.

Lomas and Whitcher both wound up leaving The Sorrows and worked with each other in a number of iterations, including Rog & Pip, the bands Renegade and The Zips, before reuniting The Sorrows in the late ’70s. They had anticipated commercial success in working together initially, but no such luck, and their collaboration fizzled, their material faded, and more or less sat waiting for Rise Above Relics to step in and give it its due.

Whether or not Rise Above head Lee Dorrian has a personal connection to these songs, I don’t know, but the shared Coventry origin and the fact that Dorrian put together the layout for this new collection, Our Revolution, at least speaks to a general appreciation beyond it’s-heavy-’70s-and-hasn’t-been-reissued-yet novelty.

Rog & Pip - Our Revolution

Rog & Pip are joined by various other players throughout the 12 songs / 39 minutes of the compilation / reissue, and the sound varies from raw heavy riffers like ‘Evil Hearted Woman’ to the deceptively memorable psychedelic bliss of ‘It’s a Lonely World’ and even some Thin Lizzy-style dual-guitar shenanigans on ‘Why Do You Treat Me Like That?’ and the glammy ‘My Revolution’ and ‘Why Won’t You Do What I Want?’ the latter of which opens the proceedings on a particularly catchy note.

‘Why Won’t You Do What I Want?’ is a suitable leadoff in that it captures what Rog & Pip really had to offer an audience at their best — quality songwriting and a sounds somewhere between glam’s swaggering showoffery and heavy ’70s swing. It’s an engaging blend, the one having evolved out of the other, and Rog & Pip put it to good use on the opener, offering early Alice Cooper Band-ish grit prior to ‘My Revolution’ ‘s guitar-led vocal layering.

‘Rock with Me’ sounds earlier and is more rock and roll at its core, but in the context of the A and B sides at the start, those roots are there, and while Our Revolution might seem front-loaded, there’s strong material front to back.

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(Courtesy of JJ Koczan / The Obelisk)

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Horisont To Return To Roadburn Festival 2014

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Album of the day: Cathedral – The Last Spire

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