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Album of the Day: Monarch – Sabbracadaver

Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Lovingly pinched from Meat Mead Metal: There are certain sounds and styles of music that can induce nightmares. You experience these sounds that are out of the ordinary, maybe even in conflict with your own psyche, and they can lead to you experiencing terrifying stories in your head while you sleep at night. Or at least you think they can do that. It’s up to you if that’s a thing you’re able to handle.

I always found French funeral drone doom band Monarch one of those that could illicit terrifying thoughts in my head. Their music feels less like deliberate compositions and more like stream-of-consciousness experiences, where you get a head-on trip into what they’re trying to let loose. Over the course of their seven records, they have set up surreal soundscapes, transmissions that sound like they’re transported from some sort of lost dimension that traps souls, and music that easily can get underneath your skin and freeze you.

monarch - sabbracadaver

They’re not your everyday doom band, and their records often take repeated visits for the material to sink in just right. Same can be said for their three-track new record Sabbracadaver, their first for Profound Lore and follow-up to 2012′s great Omens. Here, the band is totally immersed in their own nightmares, translating all of the dark, violent shadows for you and weaving a mystifying world of horrors that only your nighttime excursions in your bed possibly could match. They’re a breath-taking band, one of my favorites in this genre.

One of the main reasons Monarch are so mesmerizing is vocalist / electronics artist Emilie Bresson, whose work is fairly hard to describe. She has pipes that won’t quit, and she can wail bloody murder along with the best of them, but there’s something more to her that’s an intangible quality. She is a sweeping force, a voice that you just can’t get out of your system.

Her singing sounds more like she’s channeling something greater than her, acting as a conduit or messenger, and you practically can imagine her shaking and writing as she adds her voice to these songs. That’s not to slight her band, who also deserve a ton of credit, including guitarist Shiran Kaidine, bassist MicHell Bidegain, and drummer Rob Shaffer, who combine to create a sinister low end full of drone and power, and you could find it caving in your chest cavity in a live setting.

The band’s work on Sabbracadaver proves they have plenty more to say, added spirits to release, and doom thunder still blasting through their collective bloodstream. It’s both mighty and outright chilling.

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