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Album of the day: Dordeduh – Dar de Duh

Posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Lovingly pinched from Metal Review: Following the glorious rise and tumultuous split of Negura Bunget, many were left wondering what was to be. Negru’s continuation of the band — call them Negura Bunget 2.0 — was quick to report back with Virstele Pamintului, a full-length that wore the name proudly and left no question that Negru contained much of the original band’s talents. But what of Sol Faur and Hupogrammos, the other two thirds of Romania’s favorite black metal sons, and their project Dordeduh?

For their full answer –because they presented the Valea Omului EP in 2010 – we would have to wait two years. It now arrives in the form of Dar de Duh, a sprawling, majestic near-masterpiece of folk-inspired black metal that not only confirms the existence of two great bands where we once had only one, but presents a true spiritual and aural successor to the original Negura Bunget’s timeless OM.

Where Dar de Duh surpasses Virstele Pamintului (and shows that 2/3 is truly greater than 1/3) isn’t through any drastic amount of innovation or change, but by how natural it feels. There is little variation from the atmospheric, extremely skilled, and multi-instrumental music that was established with N’Crugu Bradului and OM.

Folk themes, malevolently harsh and heavenly clean vocals, expansive compositions, soaring melodies, and moments of pure cold still dominate the proceedings, but there is a slightly different way that the two bands are presenting these threads. Negru and NB 2.0 nail the feel and execution of this sound, leaving little doubt that they deserve to carry on the name, but there was something about Virstele Pamintului that felt slightly forced (just slightly), as if they felt pressure to uphold the name they kept. On the flipside, Dar de Duh is the sound of a band that has this music deep in their veins, and can effortlessly will it into being.

Much of this comes from the quality of the compositions and studio work, but a ton of credit also has to be given to the new backing band that Sol Faur and Hupogrammos have assembled. Flavius Misaras (bass), Gallallin (keyboards) and Ovidiu Mihaita (drums and percussion) exhibit every bit as much skill for the material and tendency for nuance as their predecessors, breathing life and detail into many of the album’s smaller moments. (Like the original Negura Bunget before them, Dordeduh does soft better than most metal bands do loud.)

Alin Drimus of Martola also returns to provide wooden flute and kaval, adding tones both playful and sorrowful, depending on what the song and particular passage demand.

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