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Album of the Day: Big Business – Battlefields Forever

Posted on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from Pitchfork: Unless you’re a devotee of the Seattle heavy rock/light metal trio Big Business, you’ve probably never heard of Gold Metal Records, the label behind the release of their excellent fourth album Battlefields Forever. The record, after all, is GM003, or the imprint’s third title. It follows only two short Big Business releases, 2011’s four-song Quadruple Single and a subsequent seven-inch single.

But last October, with a mock press release signed by Gold Metal “corporate controller” Richard Smutley and a staged press conference submitted to YouTube, Big Business revealed that they’d issue Battlefields Forever on Halloween on their own Gold Metal Records in a variety of formats—that is, by themselves, without the support of a third or even second party. They’d stream and sell it through their website.

Big Business - Battlefields Forever

Both announcements were as funny as intended, with jokes about Mötley Crüe drumming and the ghost of “Jeff Goldbloom.” Behind the jocularity, though, there was a fundamental bummer: If Big Business didn’t want to go hunting labels or, in industry parlance, “shopping themselves around,” they would have to release Battlefields Forever themselves.

Their label for their entire career, Hydra Head, announced its closure almost exactly a year earlier, citing both an “imbalance between creative ideals and financial realities” and an asymptotic slide of music sales as primary factors. Suddenly, the force that had done the heavy lifting behind Big Business’s promotion—the mailings and the CD-R’s, the one-sheets and the stuffed envelopes—had fallen, with the responsibility now landed at the feet of the band.

In retrospect, that has not gone well. A quick Google search confirms that drummer Coady Willis, bassist Jared Warren, and new guitarist Scott Martin’s are better at making records than marketing them. Though Battlefields Forever was released nearly four months ago, All Music has yet to list it, much less rate it. Spin has never mentioned it.

The album made nearly no year-end lists, despite being out since Halloween. And after the annual flip of the calendar, Pitchfork is finally reviewing it. For a platform that seems to hold almost everything, the internet has nearly made Battlefields Forever seem like a phantom, a rumor that Big Business is still busy.

That disappearance is especially unfortunate considering that Battlefields Forever is as likable and unpredictable as anything they’ve ever done. Willis and Warren have never zigged and zagged stylistically like the Melvins, the other duo they’ve augmented off and on for the last six years, but there’s a patient and patent idiosyncrasy to their sound. No matter how familiar their oversized riffs or refrains first seem, they twist and turn in unexpected ways.

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