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Album of the Day: Vista Chino – Peace

Posted on Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Lovingly pinched from SCRATCH the Surface: We can’t talk about Vista Chino and their album Peace without a little history. Drummer Brant Bjork, vocalist John Garcia and bassist Nick Oliveri comprised the band Kyuss with guitarist Josh Homme. Kyuss went on to practically invent, if not, at least define the stoner / desert rock genre.

Following Kyuss’ split in ’95 the members carried on with other (high quality) bands. In 2010, Bjork, Garcia and Oliveri started performing under the name Kyuss Lives! with Bruno Fevery taking over the guitarist slot. When the time came to record new material, Vista Chino was born.

If you’re expecting Peace to sound like a Kyuss album you’re not entirely wrong but not entirely right either. While it’s obvious that many of the same personalities participated in this album, Vista Chino stands on its own. By the time intro ‘Good Morning Wasteland’ awakens into ‘Dargona Dragona’ and its instantaneously infectious riffs, the listener is primed for Garcia’s inimitable vocals.

The track does what it should, introducing what’s to come with a live, almost raw feel, fuzz-laden, overdriven tones and Fevery’s slick and soulful leads. Those desert grooves and a red-eyed sensibility are carried throughout the album.

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Kyuss Lives! Performs On Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit: Quality Video Footage of Hurricane Available

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Quality video footage of Kyuss Lives! performing Hurricane live on August 31st on The Daily Habit  can be seen below.