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The Day After The Sabbath Vol 64: Roadburn Special Part 2 – Afterburner

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012

We’re huge supporters of Rich Stonerdoom‘s The Day After The Sabbath blog. It’s the main source in our quest for obscure heavy 60s and 70s rock. Now, Rich has dedicated some of his compilations to Roadburn; these two special volumes include all the classic 70s bands that have played the festival so far, along with tracks from a host of Dutch rock novelties and obscurities, which we wholeheartedly endorse! Here is Volume 64, the second part of the two-part special which started here.

“Supersister, from The Hague, started out in 1968 and along the way included ex-members of renowned Dutch bands Brainbox, Bintags and Livin’Blues, including drummer Herman van Boeijen who was also in ‘Panda’ later on this comp. They had a markedly different, more progressive approach than those bluesy bands and are often associated with the English Canterbury scene which they pre-dated by a couple of years.
Centering on Robert Jan Stips’ intense and at times evil sounding keyboards, ‘She Was Naked’ was a single that was not originally included on any of their 4 full-lengths, and it perfectly demonstrates their schizophrenic dark/light nature.

“Our first Roadburn appearance band is Leaf Hound, who played the fest in 2006, and will do so again this year to celebrate their 40th anniversary (though Pete French is the only original member). Leaf Hound’s album, ‘Growers of mushroom’ was re-discovered in the 80s as a lost classic and at times has commanded silly money from record dealers. Originally evolving from Black Cat Bones, who originally included later-members of Free – Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirke, and guitarist Rod Price who departed to join Foghat, they were joined by vocalist Pete French with his cousin Mick Halls on guitar.
French later left to join Atomic Rooster and then Cactus, so he really is something of a TDATS hero! I have been lucky enough to see him perform with Leaf Hound in London a few times in recent years and am glad to report his voice sounds as good as ever!

“All my previous compilations from can be found at my BLOG and I’m sure any of you who are intrigued by the more obscure history of heavy rock will find a lot of great surprises” –Rich / The Day After The Sabbath.

Continue reading: The Day After The Sabbath: The Day After The Sabbath 64: Afterburner.

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