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Album of the Day: Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket – In A Dutch Haze

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Sleeping Shaman: You never forget your first Roadburn. Ever.

The Tilburg-based jewel in the world’s crown of heavy and expansive music festivals is a truly magical environment; one which is built upon a solemn promise of musical joy, artistic freedom and non-prejudicial acceptance which binds like-minded strangers together into friendships that will last for lifetimes. 2012 was my first‎; a non-stop orgy of mind-destroying performances from bands and artists united in an unbridled passion for the daring and the sonically powerful. You simply can’t eclipse weekends like these from your memory – they impact the way you see, hear and experience music forever. There is no real comparison.

Over those life-affirming four days in April 2012 I saw Wino and Conny Ochs deliver some soul-cleansing acoustic odes. I saw Sleep devour two hours of my life into a devastating, weed-fuelled homage to The Riff. Bongripper re-educated me in my beliefs as to just how beautiful sheer volumistic distortion can be. I saw Voivod. I saw diSEMBOWELMENT. I saw Yob (twice!). I saw Ulver. I saw everything I ever wanted to see in a musical adventure and yet I saw so much more beyond that.


However, there was one performance that was so out there, so unique, so unexpected, so insane, so off-the-cuff and so gorgeous that I honestly never wanted it to cease. At the time of the show which has been hereby named by its protagonists as In A Dutch Haze very little was actually known about what was about to unfold.

What was clear was that the rhythm section of Earthless had teamed up with two modern day guitar gods to indulge our ears and our minds with a late night fixture simply dubbed at the time as “Heavy Jam”. The “band” line-up that evening comprised the following four horsemen of the a-rock-calpyse:

Mario Rubalcaba – Pound-for-pound, in my humble opinion, the greatest live rock drummer on the planet. Multi-faceted, seemingly multi-limbed and ‎talented beyond the scope of what his simple kit set-up should be capable of doing, Rubalcaba was worth the ticket price alone.

Mike Eginton‎Rubalcaba’s percussive partner in crime in Earthless, Eginton is the modern day complete bass-player yet somehow remains so criminally underrated and overlooked in the press. If Rubalcaba is the Mitch Mitchell of the 21st century, then Eginton is his Noel Redding.

J.MascisDinosaur Jr. Heavy Blanket. Sweet Apple. Witch. Man, this guy even stakes a claim to having played in Nirvana. Named in both SPIN and Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of “Greatest Guitar Players of all Time”, his six-strung sonic wail is both unmistakable and unparalleled.

Graham Clise – With Earthless’ axe-maestro Isaiah Mitchell unable to perform at the very last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, the second guitar slot was ‎dutifully handed to Clise, a more than worthy player whose fretboard acrobatics are as devastating as his bottomless arsenal of riffs. With his history of playing with Mascis in Heavy Blanket as well as his rampaging reputation as part of Lecherous Gaze, Clise was the only possible replacement for Mitchell’s much-missed brilliance.

The quartet (with Clise in Mitchell’s rhythm slot) did apparently have a short back story. Jamming together for an impromptu hour at the 2009 SXSW Festival in Texas, the groundwork had indeed been laid for the hour-long track which since became known as Paradise In A Purple Sky. However, as Mascis took to the stage and began to flex his fingers into the most colossal of histrionic warm-ups, all of that ceased to matter as several thousand music fans slowed down their consciousness’s and opened their ears, eyes and minds to the rollercoaster that was about to unfold.

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Heavy Jam (J Mascis, Mario Rubalcaba, Mike Eginton and Graham Clise): Quality Roadburn Video Footage Posted!

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

If you’d like to take a trip to the Filmore West circa 1969, here’s some quality video footage of Heavy Jam (J Mascis, Mario Rubalcaba, Mike Eginton and Graham Clise) at this year’s Roadburn Festival.