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The Bands We’re Watching Out For in 2015; Plus An Album of The Year Rebellion In Which Yob Triumph

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Towards the end of every year, it has become Roadburn tradition to ask our friends from all over the globe to let us know what their favourite albums of the year have been, and then compile these submissions in to one top ten list. This year we decided to do something different.

Every man and his blog puts together their top albums of the year list, so we thought we’d ask you to let us know your top bands that we should be looking out for this coming year. It could be that an old favourite has a new album, or that you’ve caught on to an up and coming band before everybody else – either way, we wanted to know who you thought would be the bands everyone would be talking about through 2015.

Well, it turns out we had a bit of a rebellion on our hands, as alongside our request for new bands, many of the Roadburn faithful also submitted their 2014 album lists! So, in the end, what we ended up with was a look back over 2014’s albums, PLUS a look forward to 2015’s hot tips. Due to some bands tying, our lists have ended up as bigger than 10 – so we’ve presented the top voted bands in each of these lists.

Monolord - Vænir

The 2015 list is made up almost entirely of well known bands, mainly from the doomier end of the spectrum. For the coming year, you’re placing your faith in the long established high priests and priestesses of the underground; long established bands who have won you over and given you dozens of good reasons to believe they’ll continue to deliver the goods this year. Nestled among them are relative newcomers, Sweden’s sludgy three piece, Monolord. The band will play the 20th edition of Roadburn on Thursday, April 9th in support of their forthcoming album Vænir – named after the biggest lake in Sweden – due out at the end of April, through RidingEasy Records.

Throughout the rest of the list there were plenty of up and coming bands – enough to keep us returning to Bandcamp or Spotify for weeks in order to check them all out. Both Myrkur and All Them Witches deserve honorary mentions. Currently working on her highly anticipated debut full-length with Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg at the helm, Myrkur is a one-woman black metal project hailing from Denmark with a distinct sense of Nordic Isolation, and a wholly unique perspective on the genre. All Them Witches rank among the psychedelic (jam) bands that people are really eager to see at Roadburn. The Nashville four-piece, who made a striking name for themselves with the digital release of Lightning at the Door, are currently working on their third album.


Acid King
Electric Wizard

And as a result of the aforementioned rebellion, we have this list of albums from 2014 which kept your turntables busy. It’s a joy to see Roadburn veterans, Yob, topping the list. Clearing The Path To Ascend, is Yob at their finest, and being awarded “album of the year” accolades by not only our attendees but by countless journalists, bloggers, magazines, and indeed their peers, is richly deserved.

Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend

YobClearing The Path To Ascend
PallbearerFoundations Of Burden
The Budos BandBurnt Offering
Electric WizardTime To Die
GodfleshA World Lit Only By Fire
Mars Red SkyStranded in Arcadia
MidnightNo Mercy For Mayhem
MonolordEmpress Rising
Old Man GloomThe Ape Of God
Sólstafir – Ótta
The OathS/T
TriptykonMelana Chasmata
Witch MountainMobile Angels

This time next year, who will we be talking about as the bands that truly shaped 2015?

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