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Roadburn 2013: Friday, April 19th by Kim Kelly

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

My fearless leader and partner in crime Louise Brown has already done a bang-up job of telling y’all about how awesome Thursday was (though I’ve got to give an extra-robust shout-out to Pallbearer, The Atlas Moth, Royal Thunder, Pilgrim, Primordial, Lord Mantis, and most especially Mournful Congregation!).

Friday started off strong with Dread Sovereign’s first show outside of their native Dublin, and the fact that Het Patronaat was already packed to the gills by the time they came onstage at 2pm gives you an idea of what we were dealing with. While Sol Dubh got to stretch his legs a bit with some more complex drumming than usual and guitarist Bones hurled himself into every slow, deadly stroke, erstwhile Primordial frontman Alan Averill strapped on a bass, wiped off his customary corpsepaint, and loosened up.

Dread Sovereign is a brand-new project but sounds old as the hills thanks to the vintage doom and heavy metal riffs the trio smacked down, and Averill’s soaring vocals paid tribute to Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. A little bit of rock’n’roll swagger crept in, too, and you could tell the lads were having a blast. Definitely a highlight – and I hadn’t even had a breakfast beer yet!

Dream Death thundered and thudded on the mainstage – with every moment, it became more and more apparent just why so many bands worship (and rip off) their monolithic riffs. I peeked in at Tombstoned, who were a quintessential Roadburn band (lots of fuzz, long hair, and funky vibes) on my way to see Sabbath Assembly. I’m a massive fan of the project, but have to say that I preferred seeing them with Jex Thoth – the ceremonial aesthetic had been stripped down and cast aside in favor of a looser, more rock-oriented performance, and some of the magic got lost in translation.

Witch Mountain set Het Patronaat ablaze with Rob Wrong’s Hendrix-heavy leads and Uta Plotkin’s dizzying range – they’re always great live, but the clean European air seemed to give them a burst of energy, and you could see how much they were loving it up there. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats packed out the main hall, but for me, it was all about Hexvessel, and fighting my way into the church to soak up their wondrous Finnish freak forest folk was worth every jostled second. They really are a special band; I was unmoved by their performance last year, but this time around, I was entranced (alongside the scores of others who seemed similarly lost in the moment).

As The Pretty Things glided through their flowery, 60’s-style pop tunes on the mainstage, I was on the hunt for something uglier. Moss did the trick quite nicely with a bass, a voice, and a LOT of volume (vocalist Olly’s retina-searing purple vest didn’t hurt). Upstairs in the Bat Cave (“Stage 01” if we’re being formal) where Electric Wizard’s Grindhouse Cinema had been unsettling patrons all day, Attila Csihar as Void Ov Voices twiddled knobs and chanted / groaned / growled along to a strange horror film, creating the sort of atmosphere any director would kill his lead for.

Long lines kept me away from Les Discrets’ airy compositions, but cramming into the beyond-full Green Room to see my old friends in Cough lay it the fuck down was a priority anyway. They’re a main stage band if I ever saw one, and proved their point with one of the best sets I’ve ever seen them play. Pure evil, pure crushing menace, pure fucking riffs. You should’ve been there.

Perennial favorites Electric Wizard did what they do best, delighting longtime fans with some older tunes and paying tribute to their newest black mass as well. Druglust, bloodlust, and acres of long hair filled the hall as the air filled with green smoke and the gods of Roadburn smiled down through bleary eyes. Hail the Wizard.

As tough as it can be to tear yourself away from the friends you only see once a year and kept to a strict schedule, it’s a sacrifice that must be made if you really want to see everything – especially buzz bands like Goat and Amenra. Het Patronaat was already sporting epic lines before Wizard had even finished playing, and to my chagrin, I missed both!

All accounts assure me that I missed two amazing performances – next year, I’ll have to be quicker. A quick peek apiece at Psychic TV (100% not my cup of tea, though the Pallbearer dudes swear up and down that it was the most amazing set of the weekend) and Satan’s Satyrs, who piled on the fuzz and left the Green Room awash in stale weed smoke and dirty punk riffs.

And then the real party began…


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Roadburn Festival 2013 On YouTube (Our Unofficial Roadburn Channel)

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