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Album of the day: Bedemon – Symphony of Shadows

Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2012

Lovingly pinched from Doommantia: Finland metal label Svart Records has announced the world-premiere release of the ten-years-in-the-making Bedemon release Symphony of Shadows. The nine-track album clocking in at just under 60 minutes will be released as both a single CD and 2-LP vinyl set, both chock-full of photos, liner notes, descriptions as to how the album came to be after the tragic death of founder Randy Palmer back in Aug. 2002 and so on.

The songs are mostly Randy’s compositions, with Geof contributing two songs, Mike contributing one and another track, ‘Son of Darkness’, loosely based on the classic ‘Child of Darkness’ was equally co-written by Randy, Geof and Mike during the recording sessions back in April of 2002.  (From

There has been some discussion recently on the Doommantia Forum on how good are these obscure acts from the 70’s and do they deserve all the praise they are currently getting from doomsters. It is true that in the case of Bedemon their 70’s recordings were thin sounding and lacked anything truly remarkable to stand up against Black Sabbath, Purple, Zeppelin and other 70’s heavy rock monsters. Now almost 10 years in the making there is a new release and any doubts that might have existed about the song-writing qualities of Randy Palmer should be put it rest.

It is easy to get emotional when you think of Randy Palmer‘s tragic death especially if you think he finally put together the album he always wanted but is no longer around to see it happen. The story of the band is a well-known one now. The band was the idea of Randy Palmer, who was closely aligned with the members of Pentagram which is really the only reason the 70’s material is so sought after by collectors. Palmer played for several years with Pentagram, and Pentagram‘s Bobby Liebling and Geof O’Keefe in-turn spent time in Bedemon. Even though the band recorded a bunch of rough and raw demos, there was nothing officially released until the 2005 demo compilation, Child of Darkness.

After Palmer’s death, O’Keefe, drummer Mike Matthews and new vocalist Craig Junghandel decided to complete the album and I for one am glad they did because this exceeds all possible expectations. To be honest I didn’t have high hopes for this, I thought it was too little, too late but with the sad demise of Randy Palmer it is fitting that the album got a serious release regardless of the quality or strength of the material.

The big bonus here is the quality of these songs go way beyond what I was expecting. ‘Symphony of Shadows’ sounds like a collection of songs that have been kept in a 70’s time-capsule but have gained strength over the decades. The truth is though these songs were written by Palmer in the last 10 years and not the 70’s at all but they still capture the essence of what was 70’s Bedemon. When listening to this, you can’t help but think of early Pentagram as the sound, style and general atmosphere is very close to the original Pentagram material with one exception, this seems far doomier and has a Wino / Saint Vitus kind of edge to some of it.

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