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Album of the Day: Pando – Negligible Senescence

Posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Do you remember the first time you listened to Earth, or at least Sunn O))), if that’s where you started your droning expeditions? Or the first time that Pyramids debut assaulted and caressed your ears at the same time? Or all the other first times you listened to music that is genuinely innovative, that you can’t instantly point out within ten seconds what the guys in the band are listening to?

It’s one of the most exhilarating feelings to be had as a listener, especially as the years go by and it becomes harder to actually find fresh things. Well, Pando sure are fresh, and not just for fresh’s sake. They are amazing, inspiring, terrifying and very odd, all at the same time. They came up during a random trawl through Bandcamp‘s many tags and darkest corners – an occasional activity that is heartily recommended, by the way – and they managed to clearly, instantly and stupendously stand out among the million or so bands heard / seen during that lazy hour or two.

pando -  negligible senescence

‘Residue’, the first track off their digital debut album, Negligible Senescence, is an instant eye-opener and head-turner, its uneasy atmosphere settling in progressively as broken strands of black metal and sinister moods take hold among the gentle acoustic strumming, and towards the end of its seven minutes you end up face down in a feedback-ridden pit of hell without really knowing when exactly did you fall into it. Much like Pyramids, which is really the only vague parallel we’re able to trace here, there is often the feeling of two (or more!) different bands playing at once, but only if you think about it and try to describe it – when you’re in the thick of it, the flow is perfect despite the chopped, broken nature of the songwriting.

Also, ‘Residue’ is only the beginning. The rest of the record offers samples, creeping electronics, twisted vocals, outrageous snippets of ambient beauty frequently cut off, or joined by, a screeching passage of uncomfortable noise. You know Mories, right? Imagine if he did a self-collaboration between his diametrically opposite Gnaw Their Tongues and Seirom projects (with his buddy Matt Finney, who is part of It Only Gets Worse, reading random creepy stuff) and you might be somewhere in the ballpark of Pando. But not too close. There is also the visual element to consider – at a push, we were able to discover that the two guys who make up pando come from the art world, and it makes total sense. Not only their image is entirely made up of photographs and paintings (of anything but themselves), but the approach to the music itself is very visual, as if they are painting textures rather than playing them.

As much of a mindfuck as this all seems, once you give the record a spin (go on, it’s free), you’ll notice most of negligible senescence is very listenable. The songs feel unpolluted by clichés and unburdened by any expectations, as if they weren’t even meant for public consumption in the first place, which is probably true – the band is practically anonymous at the time of writing this, with only a handful of likes on their Facebook page. Go fix that immediately, will you? Maybe we’ll convince them to play live and make physical editions of this outlandish record. Or of one of the follow-ups… that’s right, they’re not stopping here, or anytime soon. Look what A. Bryant had to tell us:

“We actually managed to record a follow up unexpectedly in the course of a day as a spur-of-the-moment, pure emotion-based track. so it looks like we may end up having more music out aside from neg senes by the end of the year. This next album is a real monstrosity. We don’t want to shed too much light on it yet, but it’s the heaviest thing we’ve ever performed and it’s incredible that we were even able to record it as it is. It’s raw and lo-fi, but we don’t want anyone to ever get ‘used to’ a particular sound because we’d rather not get pigeonholed into doing one thing; it would stop being honest at that point.

“We want to be able to make whatever the hell we want without worrying about ‘pleasing’ people. So if we want to do a metal album and follow it up with a hip-hop album or a blues album, we’re going to do it. So I guess if someone were to ask what to expect of us, we’d probably tell them not to get too comfortable. we play what we feel is right. That being said, this album coming out requires digestion. It’s a single, nearly hour long track.”

We’re ready, bring it on!

José Carlos Santos / June 2016

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