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Album of The Day: Spirit Adrift – Chained To Oblivion

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Lovingly pinched from New Noise Magazine: I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this first full-length release from Arizona’s Spirit Adrift. After hearing the man’s former work in Take Over and Destroy (TOAD) as well as the long defunct local act Queen Beast (yeah, I remember that EP – and it’s worth a repressing) I’m nearly convinced that Nate Garrett can do no wrong.

He’s responsible for pretty much everything here as he handles the guitar, bass, vocals, drums and piano, putting on a performance that sounds like a one-man Pallbearer and simultaneously blowing my mind wind open like a popped balloon at the same time Chained To Oblivion is not a very long record, but at the same time, it’s a much longer performance than you might think – and it’s fitting. Yes, it’s wholly fitting.

Spirit Adrift - Chained To Oblivion

Garrett played in TOAD and Queen Beast, so you can already expect the same great playing to be found here. As a matter of fact, such a performance is nearly unreal – he’s really gone out of his way to provide some absolutely captivating and heart-stopping melodies on this one. In addition to these awesome waves of melodic splendor, he also sings his literal ass off, giving us a performance that is extremely difficult for me to put into words.
It’s just the kind of thing that you play and just stand back in awe, because you just can’t believe how awesome the material you’re experiencing is. There’s not even one song that I would trade here for a different cut and they all feel cohesive within the mix.

Unlike TOAD, you won’t find any extreme metal influences like death or black metal here, nor will you find any real experimentation beyond what can be achieved at a non-symphonic level. There are no electronics or anything of that sort here, as this is truly a doom album. Spirit Adrift seems to want to further carry that already booming Arkansas doom scene (even though there’s been a lot of BDM over here as of late, which is hit or miss) with it’s countless acts like Pallbearer, Rwake into new territory. Garrett may have moved, but that spirit seems to have stuck with him and translated perfectly into what I’d consider an absolutely breathtaking piece of melodic doom.

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