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Album of the day: Blut Aus Nord – 777 – Cosmosophy

Posted on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Lovingly pinched from Metal Review: When news came out that blackened French masters Blut Aus Nord would be unleashing not one, not two, but a full trilogy of albums within a short time span, the skeptics immediately started crying foul that they couldn’t possibly have that much staggering material ready. That crowd was quickly silenced by the quality of 777 entries Sect(s) and The Desanctification, both of which were lauded by fans and critics alike, and anticipation for the finale grew with each passing week (and month).

With the first two representing a kind of different perspective on the same black Godfleshian intensity, many expected a third twist on the theme. But Vindsval and company have not built their legacy on providing what people expect, and Cosmosophy is far more than just a different angle on what 777 has meant to this point. It embraces its predecessors while also rejecting much of what they stood for, and in doing so fashions a freshness that no one was expecting.

What we did expect was for Cosmosophy to give the 777 saga an appropriately classy ending, and it does just that. What we didn’t expect was the left turn that this album represents. Sure, there is still plenty of the band’s cavernous atmosphere, twisted riffs, signature leads, and deep programmed drums, but in many ways this is not the Blut Aus Nord you’ve come to expect.

First off, Cosmosophy is not really a black metal album, not even in the industrial sense of the past. There are no blast beats; the harsh vocals appear very sparingly; and a sense of speed is nonexistent. Instead, this is a combination of industrial, goth (with clean vocals, gasp), and an evocative doom sensibility that still remains one-hundred-and-ten-percent Blut Aus Nord in its overall feel. It takes a band with such a distinctive, well-executed sound to achieve this, but also a band that is obsessed with meticulous detail, as they undoubtedly are.

In its own twisted way, Cosmosophy is simultaneously a hybrid and deconstruction of everything Blut Aus Nord has done. Threads of the other two 777 entries can be heard in certain melodies and the overall depth, but as mentioned, this is very much not a black metal album as those were. There is also an expansion of some of the less soul-devouring moments of The Work Which Transforms God (such as ‘Procession of Dead Clowns’) and many of the band’s other exercises in exploring minimalism.

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Album of the day: Blut Aus Nord – 777 The Desanctification

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