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Album of the Day: Phobonoid – Orbita

Posted on Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Praise for Phobonoid’s Orbita from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: Holy mission to Mars! What a fantastic discovery, the first we’ve heard from Phobonoid, a one man black metal / industrial / noise outfit from Phobos. And yep, that’s one of the moons of Mars, and the music on Orbita is a high concept soundtrack to the end of civilization on Mars, as viewed from Phobos, and also BY the god Phobos, culminating in the eventual meeting between Phobos and his brother Deimos, on the scorched surface of the ruined red planet.

Phobonoid - Orbita

And sonically, that’s sort of what it sounds like, opening with a dense cloud of blacknoize, darkly billowing, ominous and sinister, eventually frenzied riffing begins to emerge from the blackness. A roiling sonic chaos, that instead of bursting into blasting black buzz, blurs and swirls into a grinding, almost orchestral buzz. A lurching doom-drone creep, wreathed in electronic fuzz and glitched out crumbling distortion, before erupting into a blown out Godflesh style industrial dirge. The sounds mutated and on the verge of collapse, electronic flecked heaviness, that buried blackness bleeding over the mechanized rhythms and the insectoid riffing. And that’s just the first track!

From there on out, Phobonoid paints a bleak sonic picture of Mars‘ ruination, achingly melancholy guitar buzz blossoms into blackened industrial blasts, the vocals a demonic rasp, the programmed drums relentless and robotic, inhumanly fast at times, but constantly slipping back into a monstrous, crushing plod, the sound almost psychedelic, dense and lushly layered, noisy and super distorted.

Throughout the 7 songs here, the sound is in constant flux, a dizzying barrage of black tarpit creep, churning atonal blasts, mechanized metallic buzz, with one gorgeously austere stretch of blurred, almost blissed out industrial ambience, before one final blast, of majestically epic mechanoid black buzz. So good!

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Album of the Day: Poobah – U.S. Rock

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Album of the Day: Nibiru – Netrayoni

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Posted on Monday, February 10th, 2014

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Album of the Day: Glorior Belli – Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls

Posted on Saturday, February 8th, 2014

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Album of the Day: The Shine Brothers – Hello Griefbirds!

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Album of the Day: Lantern – Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach

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