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Album of the Day: Nibiru – Padmalotus

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Praise for Nibiru‘s Padmalotus from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: Those who fancy a little didgeridoo in their doom, get ready for the latest from esoteric Italian doom-psych cult Nibiru, who have returned to visit our plane of existence again, bringing with them another intense new set of sonic rituals.

Nibiru - Padmalotus

The two previous albums from this trio of shamanic freaks, Caosgon and Netrayoni, were both throbbing slabs of trance-inducing, ceremonial stoner rhythm and riffage, and that heavy, and heavily rhythmic, aspect of earlier Nibiru is well represented here, for instance, by the repetitive, tumbling, bass heavy attack that kicks in about two thirds of the way through track 2, ‘Ashmadaeva’, preceded however by an expanse of droned-out atmospherics.

The pounding track 3, ‘Trikona’, is another sludgey juggernaut, one positively slobbering with drug-gobbling madness. There’s plenty of that, actually, all across all four of these lengthy, effects-laden invokations, but things also seem just a bit more sprawling and abstract, in all sorts of diverse, delirious directions. The vokills are taken to almost monstrous extremes, this time ’round almost black metallish, a rasping exhalation / exaltation of their godz, while all the hallucinogenic, hypnotic heaviness, seems borne on opium scented winds from outer space.

The nearly 29 minute finale, ‘Khem’, is arguably the album’s tour de force / piece de resistance, passing through many and varied episodes, from its monkish groaning-droning intro, veering into a blasting black metallish segment, – from surprisingly catchy moments of lurching riff-rock to a sudden break into This Heat-ish drum-thwap and Fushitsusha-worthy feedback to shimmering spectral synthesis graced with some haunting, harrowing guest female vocals, and on to ambient-noise sequences morphing into glitchy quasi-techno industrial metal.

Yeah, it’s weird. All over the place.

Weird and warped, dense and distorted, sounding like drone-doom metal descendants of ESP-Disk‘s Cromagnon tribe at times… Also this Nibiriu is still for fans of Gnod, Bong, and fellow space traveling Italians UFOmammut, these these tracks suggestive of that band indulging in actual cult worship!!

At 40 years old, Aquarius is the oldest independent record store in San Francisco. We try to only carry music we love, and we’re always searching for more new, cool, weird and wonderful music. All of which we then share with you, our loyal customers.

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