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Album of the day: High on Fire – Luminiferous

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Lovingly pinched from The Obelisk: It is a fun coincidence of timing that High on Fire‘s seventh album, Luminiferous (released by eOne Metal), should arrive — a summer blockbuster in its own right — just one month after George Miller‘s film Mad Max: Fury Road, since the two works would seem to share so much in common.

Not merely in their thrust or in the pummel and whirlwind they’re able to conjure when reaching a similar maximum velocity, but in the ability to balance the real and the unreal while doing so. Luminiferous is High on Fire‘s second collaboration with producer Kurt Ballou, and like the movie, its nine tracks / 54 minutes are executed with minimal trickery. Real stunts. Sure, Des Kensel‘s toms and snare on second cut ‘Carcosa’ or the second half of closer ‘The Lethal Chamber’, or that of ‘The Sunless Years’, or in the midsection of ‘The Dark Side of the Compass’ have a war-drum sound to them, huge, thudding, but it’s not inorganic in its construction.

High on Fire - Luminiferous

And while both movie and album can seem superficially at times to be sacrificing all else for the sake of the sheer badassery of their impact, High on Fire‘s latest is actually among their more progressive works, following 2012’s adrenaline-pumped stunner De Vermis Mysteriis – their first with Ballou — with more of a flow from one song into the next and likewise fluid shifts between tempos and flourishes of melody and emotion on ‘The Falconist’ or ‘The Cave’ to go along with all-out thrashfests like ‘Slave the Hive’ or the penultimate title-track, which is sandwiched between the two longest tracks here, ‘The Cave’ and ‘The Lethal Chamber’, both of which stand as evidence of the desire from High on Fire — guitarist / vocalist Matt Pike (also Sleep) and bassist Jeff Matz, in addition to Kensel — to continue the creative development that’s been there to hear all along throughout their 17-year run for anyone willing to look under the sometimes-masking layer of raw brutality.

Even if Luminiferous is better constructed and more dynamic overall than was De Vermis Mysteriis, its opening salvo is still geared toward finding out how big of a crater it can make. Opener ‘The Black Plot’ has its hook but is among the record’s nastier thrashers, Pike following his guitar and taking a somewhat surprising melodic turn in the chorus vocally as Kensel and Matz hold together a gallop that’s as much of a signature move as High on Fire has.

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(Courtesy of JJ Koczan / The Obelisk)

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