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Album of the Day: Bedemon – Child Of Darkness

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Praise for Bedemon‘s Child of Darkness from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: This was originally released as a European import on Black Widow, then there was a domestic CD, but that was almost ten years ago and has been long out of print, so Relapse just did ’70s proto-metal / garage / psych lovers who missed this before a big favor by reissuing it on both CD and vinyl!! Our mega-review from way back when goes something like this:

DOOM HISTORY HERE FOLKS! And not just that, it’s a fantastic album. Ok, you know something is up when almost EVERYONE here at AQ absolutely loves a doom metal album. Not just the regular metalheads, but everybody.

Bedemon - Child of Darkness

So what’s all the fuss about Bedemon? Well some of you may be familiar with the band Pentagram from Maryland, who have about a 30+ year history, going on 40 in fact. Well Bedemon are essentially an obscure but very worthwhile footnote to Pentagram‘s history, being the “solo” recording project of original ’70s Pentagram guitarist Randy Palmer, the majority of this recorded circa 1973-74 with a few tracks from a 1979 Bedemon session as well.

They never played out, or even released any records. Bedemon were more of a practice room, basement-recording project that involved Palmer and friends, including the other members of Pentagram, most significantly the uniquely talented vocalist Bobby Liebling who sings on all of these cuts. It was just a way for Palmer to get his own songwriting down on tape, stuff that wasn’t recorded by Pentagram.

It’s totally in the same vein as Pentagram though, if anything MORE dark and doomy than Pentagram‘s ‘70s output. Very heavy, and heavily Black Sabbath influenced, also with echoes of Blue Cheer, Randy Holden‘s Population II, and Iggy & The Stooges (the track ‘Time Bomb’ is very Stoogey, in a way similar to Pentagram‘s ‘Last Days Here’). And for ’73, this is definitely about as heavy as it gets, Sabbath and Pentagram themselves excepted.

There’s so many great tracks on here, each one more sorrowful and wrought with doomful emotion than the next, all of ’em throbbing and (awesomely) distorted. Yes, the quality of these rehearsal tape recordings is downright grungey and murky, but in our opinion that isn’t a distraction nor a detraction.

In fact, it only makes this better, totally capturing that spirit and raw energy of jamming in the garage for your own enjoyment. And it also sounds doomier that way too. Hands down, Randy Palmer wrote some of the best Pentagram songs, and many of these are just as good. Some of his riffs absolutely lay to waste those of his contemporaries. Just imagine if Palmer had decided to promote his doom skills rather than keep them for the most part to himself. Holy shit. At least we have this, one of the best “lost” albums ever uncovered in the realm of heavy, underground music.

Sadly, Palmer died in a tragic car accident just a few years ago, so the official release of this material at long last is also something of a tribute to his memory. Some of this stuff has been bootlegged before, but this legit release has been done with the blessings of Randy‘s survivors and the input of the other Bedemon musicians. There’s even a Wes Benscoter cover painting based on Palmer‘s own hand-sketched ideas, as well as lots of photos, a Bedemon history written by Palmer before he was killed, and some very fascinating, detailed, and heartfelt liner notes from fellow Bedemon / Pentagram bandmate Geof O’Keefe.

Essential to all true fans of Pentagram, and also to anyone into heavy ‘70s Sabbathy psychedelic garagey proto-metal!!

At 40 years old, Aquarius is the oldest independent record store in San Francisco. We try to only carry music we love, and we’re always searching for more new, cool, weird and wonderful music. All of which we then share with you, our loyal customers.

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