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Terrorizer: The Heaviest Albums Ever – The Albums Kerrang! Forgot

Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Our friends over at Kerrang! have done an actually rather splendid feature on the 50 heaviest records of all time. We put our heads together do our own top 20, and highlight a few they might have missed.

Acid Bath –  When The Kite String Pops

With the cover art a painting by serial killer John Wayne Gacy and songs about drugs, murder, blasphemy and getting wasted, Acid Bath’s raw, rumbling industrial sludge on 1994 album ‘When The Kite String Pops’ is ferocious and flanked by gruff yowls that make it an explosive listening experience.

19. King CrimsonRed

The album that shut the door on 70’s progressive rock and arguably gave birth to nasty, dissonant metal. And ‘Starless’ is an utterly seismic experience.

18. Deathspell Omega –  Si Monumentum Requires, Circumpice

Taking black metal to even more twisted levels of devastation and evil, the sheer chaotic insanity behind Deathspell’s finest hour is designed to fuck the mind and warp the soul.

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