Roadburn 2017

January, 12th

Day tickets for Roadburn 2017 Now On Sale!

First of all, we’d like to wish a very Happy New Year to you all!

Secondly, Day tickets for Roadburn 2017 are now on sale! In addition, due to overwhelming demand, more flextotels have been added to the urban campsite and are now available to purchase.

Our line up is nearly complete, but we do have a few more surprises up our sleeve, including the ever popular side programme. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info.

Tickets, excluding service fees, (and campsite tickets) are on sale for Roadburn 2017 and can be purchased from this LINK.

4 day195 Euro
3 day (Thu, Fri, Sat) – 172 Euro
Thursday only59 Euro
Friday only59 Euro
Saturday only59 Euro
Sunday only54 Euro

Campsite tickets including flexotels are on sale for Roadburn 2017 and can be purchased from this LINK.

Few bands have struck such a deep and emotional chord within the world of doom in the last few years as Pallbearer. The band has spent the last couple of years touring massively around the world, sometimes headlining, sometimes supporting some of our favourite bands, like our beloved curator John Dyer Baizley‘s band Baroness who have been on the road with Pallbearer but a couple of months ago.

John couldn’t resist adding an extra something to his curation, and although they will perform on Sunday, April 23, Pallbearer will be included under his curatorship umbrella.

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The masterminds behind Wolves In The Throne Room will present their new side project entitled, DROW ELIXIR. Shrouded in mystery for now, little is known about the project. The band commented: “Wolves in the Throne Room will debut our new dark ambient side project Drow Elixer at the Roadburn Festival. Drow Elixer is woven illusions, ethereal projections and sonic manipulations created with archaic techniques.”

It is an immense pleasure to host such a momentous, never before heard occasion at Roadburn; Drow Elixer will perform at the 013 venue on Thursday, April 20.

Read more about Wolves In The Throne Room and Drow Elixir HERE

In 2017, Caïna‘s second album, Mourner, will be ten years old, and some opportunities just need to be seized. So we invited Caïna to celebrate this anniversary in the same form as Mourner was originally born – Andrew Curtis-Brignell, alone, as Caïna, will therefore perform the Mourner tenth anniversary set, a unique, once-in-a-lifetime occasion to hear this cult classic performed almost in its entirety, plus a few other bonuses Andrew has in store for us on Sunday, April 23.

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In 2016, we introduced our faithful Roadburners to the obscure might of the Icelandic black metal underground. By having Misþyrming as our artist in residence, we were able to feature a series of other bands connected to them on our bill; Naðra, which features four Misþyrming members plus the unhinged demon that is vocalist Ö, gave us one of the most enduring experiences of them all.

Like opening a Pandora’s box, all those tortured, twisting hymns of sickness that made Allir Vegir Til Glötunar one of the most harrowing records of 2016 will now resonate inside the Het Patronaat, on Friday, April 21 as if they were hissing, soul-consuming demons flying free.

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ROME has been the creative vehicle for Luxembourgian singer / songwriter Jerome Reuter for over a decade already. Throughout this time, his prolific output has seen him traverse several musical plains, building what is by now a genuinely unique, distinctive and recognisable personality.

ROME will have their long overdue and much anticipated Roadburn debut at the Het Patronaat, on Thursday, April 20.

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