This is a gathering of like minded bands and fans from around the world, joined together by a love of music. This is a celebration of tube-driven distortion and crackling electric guitars, a raising of musical consciousness and brotherly and sisterly love, a communion with THEE MIGHTY RIFF, a time and place to get high en mass and bask in the heaviness.

Since 1999 we at Roadburn have emphasized the cutting edge, honored the forefathers, and worshipped THEE RIFF through our e-zine, festival, and our own record label.

Walter Hoeijmakers (Editor in Chief, Artistic director / Promoter:  first name @
Becky Laverty  (Press & Communication:  first name @
Drew Webster (Consultant Editor)
Toby d[esign] Void Bradshaw (Web design)

Walter / Roadburn
Busken Huetstr.80
3532GV Utrecht
The Netherlands

After many years of working together, Jurgen van den Brand will no longer be involved with the festival nor the Roadburn website. From now on he will be focusing on his record-labels; Roadburn Records, Burning World, and his newest venture, Burning Inside.

Roadburn Records
c/o Jurgen van den Brand
Kratontuin 47
1019 SL Amsterdam
The Netherlands