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Hear It Here: Roadburn Festival 2014 Audio Streams Online; ASG, Carlton Melton, Mansion and New Keepers of the Water Towers Among Others

Posted on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

How to summarize the 2014 Roadburn Festival? The name of one of the many fantastic bands that performed comes to mind: Promise and The Monster. The festival promised to be something special, and like always there were some monster clashes to deal with!

Many of us made a promise to check out various overlapping bands, only to find ourselves riveted by a monstrously good set. Which is why this next part of every year’s Roadburn extravaganza is almost as highly anticipated and appreciated as the event itself: that’s right, it’s time to share the 2014 audio streams!

Once again, Marcel van de Vondervoort (Torture Garden Studios / Spacejam) and his team expertly captured the sounds on stage. While you were worming your way through a Green Room doorway jam, they were recording the jams inside. Now it’s time to kick back and relax and just listen. The VPRO’s 3voor12, which is the best cultural media network in the Netherlands, is making it possible to share these streams with you.

This is the fourth batch, and there is plenty more to come. To paraphrase the perennially inspired and inspiring Lenny Kaye: “Harsh clash, good stash!”

ASG – Live at Roadburn 2014

Carlton Melton – Live at Roadburn 2014

E-musik Gruppe Lux Ohr – Live at Roadburn 2014

Gozu – Live at Roadburn 2014

Hull – Live at Roadburn 2014

Mansion – Live at Roadburn 2014

New Keepers Of The Water Tower

Nicklas Barker & Reine Fiske – Live at Roadburn 2014



Marcel van de Vondervoort (Spacejam Records / Torture Garden Studio)


Robert de Lorijn (Spacejam Records)

Roadburn Festival audio engineers:

Robert de Lorijn (Astrosoniq, Spacejam Records)
Michiel Ferweda (Paperboat Studio)
Matthijs Herder (Paperboat Studio):
Kristian Vloet (Spacejam, Astrosoniq)
Nancy van den Buuse (Spacejam, Astrosoniq)
Bob Laarmans: (Spacejam)
Han Pannekoek: (Spacejam)
Tim Ruterink
Danny Gras (Spacejam): Samothrace
Marcel van de Vondervoort: 11Paranoias, Age of Taurus, Bong, Brutus, The Great Old Ones, Goatess, Harsh Toke, Ron van Herpen’s Jam Session: Louisiana Voodoo Centre, Horse Latides, Indian, Lenny Kaye & Harsh Toke, Lord Dying, Mantar, Morne, Noothgrush, Obliteration, Papir, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, The Shrine, The Vintage Caravan, Whitehorse, Windhand and Yob (The Great Cessation)

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