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Roadburn’s Record Collectors Anonymous Is Now Online Via Facebook

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Roadburn calls you to the general meeting of Record Collectors Anonymous.

We have started a Facebook group that is a safe place where we (both Roadburn attendees, and those who don’t attend) can discuss the highs and lows of collecting records; from the decline of the record store, to eBay wars, storage solutions, and the joy of collecting your records.

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Have any tips for fellow crate rattlers? Want to confess the lengths and expense you’ve gone to to nab that holy grail of wax? Come join us and debate the joys of vinyl collecting. Even if you can’t tell your first edition from a knock off bootleg, why not join in and tell us about your latest purchases or what you’re listening to today.

Record Collectors Anonymous stems from Iron Fist’s editor Louise Brown’s panel at Roadburn Festival 2013. She sums up the endless mission of record collecting:

“To some it’s a piece of round plastic. To others it’s a portal to another world – a confidant, a pick-me-up, a therapy session, a trip into the unknown, a trip down memory lane, an obsession, a hobby, a panicked refresh of an online auction site, dust under the finger nails from rattling through crates at a car boot sale at 7am on a Sunday, a bored friend pacing outside the second hand store while you painstakingly search every box, meeting fellow collectors who have become firm friends at record fairs, that seller who knew what you liked and saved you something under the table, the rush of finding a hard-to-find classic for a bargain price, buying someone’s whole collection and finding one gem inside that’s worth double what you paid for the whole lot, knowing the difference between mint and VG, dogeared corners, ringwear, mourning the discontinuation of the Expedit unit… this is our world and we wouldn’t change it for anything. Welcome to Record Collector’s Anonymous.”Louise Brown / Iron Fist.

Think of this group as an extension of our live panels at Roadburn, click HERE to join in the discussion.

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