Now Streaming: Aluk Todolo’s Archives Vol. 1

Aluk Todolo will take to the stage in the 013 on Saturday, 22 April – six years after they last made their presence felt at Roadburn Festival. Before we get to that, the band will be releasing an archival album – a collection of music that spans the first ten years of their creative output.

Whilst not strictly an album of “new” material, Archives Vol. 1 gives an insight into this complex and multi-layered band, but where they’ll go next is anyone’s guess. Our own José Carlos Santos described their sound as a “bizarre mix of black metal and krautrock and the noise that ghosts make when they die…” which is about as accurate as it’s possible to be.

We’re thrilled to host Aluk Todolo at Roadburn 2017, playing their 2016 album, Voix, in full. We’re equally thrilled to present this stream of their upcoming release, Archives Vol. 1 – out on March 20 (spring equinox!) via Temple of Torturous Records in Europe.

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