Roadburn 2017 – Cul de Sac, Thu, April 20: Bathsheba, Harsh Toke, JOY, Ortega, Ritual Object and Verwoed

In keeping with what has become Roadburn tradition, Cul de Sac – our fifth, and most intimate stage – returns for the 2017 festival. Once again, in collaboration with Never Mind The Hype (a independent Dutch music platform for everything heavy, alternative and deviant), we will focus on bringing you the most promising Dutch and Belgian bands, plus others from futher afield.

Positioned just around the corner from the 013 venue, the intimate surroundings of the Cul de Sac mean you can get up close and personal with some of the most exciting bands the underground scene has to offer, squeezed in alongside some established acts too! Early arrival is definitely advised so you don’t miss your (soon to be) favorite bands.

Belgium’s Bathsheba pairs heavy doom with flourishes of sludge and black metal – get ready to dive head first into an enormous tarpit of infinite sadness and rage. There’s no escape nor lament, as demonstrated on Bathsheba’s haunting new album, Servus.

In addition to their Roky Erickson tribute on Friday, April 21, San Diego heavy psych jammers Harsh Toke will plunge deep into the comos, pushing their winding, longform improv beyond the furthest reaches of space and time. We could label it a “normal” Harsh Toke set, but there’s nothing normal to be found here.

Also hailing from the heavy psych mecca of San Diego, and also notching up two sets at Roadburn 2017, JOY come to Cul de Sac as a classic power trio in style and force, presenting their gnarly take on the heavy 70s through torrents of hard-hitting blues boogie and psychedelic-minded grooves.

Joined by the deeply alarming Gnaw Their Tongues, Groningen based post-metal outfit Ortega will explore new and doomy horizons, as captured on their latest, critically acclaimed album, Sacred States. Having been drip-fed only a little string of EPs since their 2010 debut, 1634, we were starved of a proper Ortega album, but it was worth the wait. Sacred States has delivered a collection of gigantic, ominously sludgy songs which will surely translate to the stage like a wrecking ball to an abandoned building wall, as Gnaw Their Tongues pile further noise on that desolate scenario with mischievous glee.

Ritual Object began as a personal meditation aid that Andy Curtis-Brignell of Caïna-fame eventually made available to the public in early 2016. At Roadburn, he will be performing reinterpretations of material from the album Amuttadorri. This record, entirely made up from orchestral samples, is designed to simulate some of the effects of sleep paralysis and other forms of psychic attack, the live versions are extremely punishing and may leave the listener open to influence from void forces.

Delving deep into paranoia and schizophrenia, Holland’s own Verwoed (formally known as Woudloper) offers a visceral ascension into full-blown psychosis. It’s the band’s latest, and much lauded album, Bodemloos, that serves as a hallucinogenic exploration through harrowing black metal, and dense, melodic ambience, which is both terrifying and soothing. Beware of the brown acid.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Thursday, Friday and Sunday-day tickets are on sale!

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