Roadburn 2017 – Cul de Sac, Sun, April 23: Faal, Jaye Jayle, MNHM, Sink, Stone In Egypt

The last day of Roadburn is always a day of mixed feelings – your body and mind battered by a constant barrage of sounds and images from the previous days, you’re blissfully exhausted, but somehow… not yet fully spent. So steady yourselves, and get ready for one last push at it. Cul de Sac will be ready and waiting to bid you adieu until next year in the best possible way with a glorious mix of different artists that promise to echo inside your mind for a long time. Check it out:

Faal come from nearby Breda but the short trip doesn’t mean they’ll arrive with a spring in their step. The word “faal” itself means “fail” in Dutch, which should tell you everything about the overall mood of their crushing, joyless funeral doom. Sometimes fierce enough to earn the tag “blackened”, with unusual melodic sensibilities, they’re nevertheless an oppressive force to be reckoned with, as their two gargantuan records released so far have shown.

Jaye Jayle are somehow the opposite of all that – coming from Louisville, Kentucky, the band put together by Young Widows‘ guitarist / vocalist Evan Patterson paint their sonic pictures with several colours other than grey. Eschewing the abrasive approach of his other band’s rockouts, Jaye Jayle explore the eerie fringes of psychedelia and have also made a record with Emma Ruth Rundle.

It’s back to local talent with Mannheim, or MNHM as they prefer to style it now. They are from the Netherlands, but they might as well be from Jupiter, so star-gazing and fathomless is their particular brand of noisy, sax-enriched “spacedoom”. You’ll swear there are constellations on the ceiling of the Cul de Sac as they play.

We can’t have psych bands without a Finnish representative these days, right? Well, sort of psych, at best, because Sink really do throw everything but their kitchen namesake into their brain-twisting songs, an air of dream-like menace always lingers as they throw genre names into the fire of their uniquely sinister compositions. Experimental isn’t the half of it, and their Ark Of Contempt And Anger album from last year is still making our head hurt all these months later.

Stone In Egypt, on the other hand, are refreshingly hassle-free. Their stoner rock is pleasingly metallic, both hard-hitting and riff-based, and we’re so glad to have the Dutch trio back following a seven-year hiatus a couple of years ago. 2017 also marks twenty years since they formed, so go down the front and get ready to rock.

Finally, Turia, and it’s apt that they’re left for last, because this mysterious Amsterdam / Nijmegen trio will leave you bereft of the will to listen to anything else, and also the will to live if you stand too close to the amps and let their chillingly emotionless black metal wash over you. Ruthlessly lo fi with T‘s agonizing vocals revealing a deep river of despair, they have in their second record Dede Kondre one of the year’s discographic highlights so far.

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