Lycus To Spread Crushing, Cathartic Doom at Roadburn 2017

Working with a slow-burning yet vibrant fire in its belly, Oakland, CA funeral doom act Lycus has been responsible for some of the most heartfelt and haunting metal of the past few years. While the young band’s debut demo release was promising, it was 2013’s monumental Tempest album that cemented this as an act of great talent and merit. In early 2016, the band issued their finest work to date with Chasms, an album that manages to bludgeon and seduce all at once.

With such haunting majesty at its core, Chasms quickly worked its way into our hearts. In light of the immense talent at hand, we’re delighted to announce that Lycus will appear to spread their brand of mournful and massive doom at Roadburn 2017.

In addition to the monolithic songs we know and love, the band is currently hibernating away to work on new material, some of which we hope to see appear at their performance this coming April.

Lycus will spread crushing, cathartic doom on Thursday, 20 April at 013 venue, in Tilburg, The Netherlands as part of Roadburn 2017.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are now on sale!

Ben Handelman, December 2016


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