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Roadburn 2017 Urban Campsite: Info (Tickets Onsale, Friday, Nov.25, 7PM CET)

Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2016

As promised, we have some information for you regarding the urban campsite! It was such a success last year, and proved so very popular with Roadburners that the urban campsite will return for 2017!

Just as with last year, the campsite facilities will be provided by Stadscamping who have given us the following information to help you decide which option will work out best for you…

Once again, there will be Flexotels for those of you who prefer to be a bit more…indoors! In these rooms you’ll find a towel and bed linen, a table with two chairs, storage space for clothes, a power supply so you can charge your cellphone, a heater, and lights!. You’ll get your own key so you can lock your room while you’re at the festival.

There will be space for camper vans, and of course space for you to turn up and pitch your own tent or ‘Festipi’ tents (including sleeping bag and mattress) available for hire if you don’t wish to bring your own.

The main change this year is the location… It will be a similar distance to the venue from the new site, but in a different direction. The campsite located at Oisterwijksebaan, 5018 TG Tilburg, The Netherlands. It’s about 15 to 20 minutes walk from the 013 venue. From Tilburg Central Station, you can get bus 3 in the direction of St. Elizabeth hospital (St. Elizabeth Ziekenhuis) and stop at St. Jozefstraat. From there on, it’s about 5 to 7 minutes to the urban campsite.

For everybody at the campsite there will be hot showers, clean toilets, cold drinking water, free parking, free wifi, and free phone charging. If you like, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast at the urban campsite for affordable prices. Plus there is a supermarket close by and there is a bar opposite of the campsite – Cafe Zomerlust, located at Oisterwijksebaan 15, has a collection of approx. 100 different beers.

We know that many of you have been eager to get your hands on these camping tickets as it’s such a great, affordable way to experience Roadburn – and now you can!

Last year the Flexotels proved to be very popular so don’t delay if you want to get one of those for yourself!

Tickets are purchased separately to the festival ticket – but you can buy both at the same time via Ticketmaster from 7pm CET on Friday 25 November. A ticket to the campsite does not secure you entry to the festival – a couple of people thought this was the case last year!

4 person: Thursday – Monday morning: 560 Euro
3 person: Thursday – Monday morning: 480 Euro
2 person: Thursday – Monday morning: 400 Euro

Additional stay on Wednesday, April 19 (Up sell):
4 person: 140 Euro
3 person: 120 Euro
2 person: 100 Euro

Campsite (per person):
Wednesday – Monday morning: 65 Euro
Thursday – Monday morning: 54 Euro
Thursday – Sunday morning: 45 Euro

Single-day (Thu): 17,50 Euro
Single-day (Fri): 17,50 Euro
Single-day (Sat): 17,50 Euro
Single-day (Sun): 17,50 Euro

Festipi (including sleeping bag and mattress):
2 person: Thursday – Monday morning: 260 Euro

Additional stay on Wednesday, April 19 (Up sell):
2 person: 65 Euro

Additional Campervan: 16.50 Euro

If you want to stay at the Beekse Bergen Holiday park Jungalows or Chalets, please click here or e-mail: [email protected]
(Info about shuttle busses to and from the Beekse Bergen Holiday park to follow soon)




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