Mysticum Will Invade Our Minds And Tear Our Souls Apart At Roadburn 2017

You read that right. We didn’t make up that title, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. We asked the dreaded triple-headed entity of Mysticum to give us a few words about their appearance at Roadburn 2017 and that’s exactly what they told us, not less, not more. “We shall invade your minds and tear your souls apart.” We don’t know if they did a mic drop after that because we ran out of the room in less than a second. Yikes.

That’s Mysticum in a nutshell. Short, brutal and to the point. Few records have imprinted themselves so naturally in the collective mind-hive of extreme music, and black metal in particular, as their legendary 1996 debut In The Streams Of Inferno. It wrote the rulebook, and torched it too, for what industrial black metal should be – no disrespect to any other band that might fit that category, but if ever a genre could be reduced to one band and pratically fused with it, it’s industrial black metal with Mysticum. The buzzing swarms of guitars are punctuated by the relentless cold pounding of the programmed drums, while our minds are obliterated by the harsh electronic effects and the inhuman vocals.

On that record, there is a mention already to its successor, the infamous Planet Satan, and it only took… 18 years for it to surface. Which makes perfect sense, you see. Mysticum were sitting on their throne for almost two decades expecting a real challenger to appear and we presume they just got bored of waiting, and also, 18 is 3 times 6, so there you go.

Any record with an almost two decade period of anticipation preceding it is bound to be a disappointment, but this is Mysticum we’re talking about. Planet Satan turned out to be everything everyone fervently expected it to be, and while we hope the next record will come out before 2032, there is plenty of Mysticum to ruin your days with for now. And ruin your day they will, when they step onto the stage at Roadburn to terrorise anyone brave enough to stand before them at the moment of unleashing hell.

Mysticum will be invading our minds and tearing our souls apart on the main stage at the 013 venue, on Saturday, April 22. If you’re man or woman enough to take it, come stand beside us and withstand the infernal onslaught.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets will be on sale from October 20.

José Carlos Santos, October 2016

Poster art by Daniele Valeriani.


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