Album of the Day: In The Woods – Pure

Lovingly pinched from Metal Pure marks the first album by Norwegian dark, avant-garde band In The Woods since 1999 effort Strange In Stereo. The last album was only the band’s third full-length, but each album received much critical acclaim and retained the In The Woods style of melody and heaviness, male and female vocals, and neo-classical elements, all while adding something distinguishable.


Heart of Ages was the pagan album, complete with black metal voices and themes. Omnio looked more inwards and was more modern in thought, containing classical string work not seen in the first album and a greater combination of male-female (clean) vocals. Strange in Stereo saw the band play shorter songs (some of the tracks on the first two weighed in at double-digit time lengths) at slower, doomier tempos with the occasional hint of electronics.

Now with Pure, the band once again treads familiar territory, but manages to create something fresh and interesting. Besides the instrumental ‘Transmission KRS,’ the song lengths are fairly short for an In The Woods album. It still clocks in at over an hour, but with twice as many songs as from the first couple records. Compared to prior releases, there is less repeating of lyrics, but each song still goes through many changes.

This record features a different cast than the prior three. There are no female vocals, viola, or cello and guitarist Oddvar A:M doesn’t appear as he passed away in 2013. Also, for the first time Jan Kenneth Transeth doesn’t lend his epic, emotive voice to the mix. Mr. Fog, aka James Fogarty (Ewigkeit, ex-The Meads of Asphodel, Bombs of Enduring Freedom, etc.) handles vocals and keyboards.

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