Album of the Day: Casual Nun – Super Fancy Skeleton

Lovingly pinched from Echoes And Dust: Crawling out of the miasmic noise of the London underground (and not as in the iconic yet ramshackle transport link), Casual Nun are equal parts noise rock, psychedelic stew and acid-fried krautrock. An intriguing mix that coalesces into an invigorating whole, they fit well within a scene which includes Hey Colossus and Early Mammal amongst others.


Their chaotic sound, always imbued with a sense of purpose, may be built for the live stage yet here on Super Fancy Skeleton, a four track mini-album, if that’s what they are called these days, they prove to be rather adept at creating studio monsters. Maybe monster is a great metaphor for this release with a gigantic, crushing sound opening up the mesmerising ‘Green Tea’. Full on stripped feedback before toiling into a churning riff of epic proportions, it’s noise rock at its best and thrives off its belligerent blues. Antagonistic vocals beg you to fall in line as the repeated riff continues to crank up the tension.

Where ‘Green Tea’ is direct and in your face, ‘Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari’ heads down the psychedelic route with tinges of Arabian flavours colouring a droned out beginning. With no apparent structure, its a free-flowing movement which brings to mind some of the more kraut influenced new psych bands. Almost mantra-like, it removes all notions of normality as it explores experimental terrain.

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