Album of the Day: Asatta – Spiraling Into Oblivion

Lovingly pinched from Echoes And Dust: Dooming since 2011, Asatta have finally got round to releasing their debut full release, Spiraling Into Oblivion, and for a scene which is in danger of folding into itself with so many sound-a-like bands, they may just introduce a new found invigoration.

By learning their sound over the course of a couple of EP releases, they have taken a more classic approach and melded it with the more hallucinogenic aspects of doom. Not for them the drawn out repeated riff and in its place and penchant for tempo changes and serious guitar shredding.


‘Dials’ sets the scene and although it is possible the least representative of the album, it’s the perfect opener. All the requisite parts that pop up through Spiraling Into Oblivion are here, the immense riff, the stoner vocals, the melodic guitars… it’s a slow burner too and takes a while to twig.

Better is ‘Lapse’, which demonstrates the remarkable vocals of Sean Anderson who takes all those generic stoner tropes and turns it into his very own. Like a bastardised version of Ozzy Osbourne meets Eddie Vedder, it’s a powerful tool in Asatta’s rather formidable armour. When he leads you into that tempo change halfway through it is as if the years have rolled back and the 70’s were back again.

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