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A New Roadburn Festival Campsite And B&B Flexotels: Urban Campsite Tilburg, Located In The City Centre

Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

When purchasing your festival tickets, you will also have the opportunity to buy campsite tickets – which is a little different this year!

Over the last decade, the official Roadburn campsite was situated outside of Tilburg at De Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. Many of you have gotten used to the shuttle busses and the safari park, but this year, we’ve chosen something that we hope will make your Roadburn trip even easier.

There’s a cool urban campsite in the city of Tilburg, located very near to the train station, and only a 15 minute walk from the 013 venue – it even has a huge supermarket only a few meters away. Some of you already stayed at the urban campsite (Stadscamping) this year, and had only good things to tell. We strongly believe that the urban campsite offers so much convenience, as it’s not only so close by, but we can also offer better rates, hence the change.


Bring your own tent, or even a camper van if you have one (please note there’s an upgrade ticket for camper vans), but if you prefer a little bit more comfort there will also be flexotel rooms at the urban campsite too. In these rooms you’ll find a towel and bed linen, a table with two chairs, storage space for clothes, a power supply so you can charge your cellphone, a heater, and lights!. You’ll get your own key so you can lock your room while you’re at the festival – a €100 cash deposit is required when collecting your keys, which will be returned when checking out (minus any damage costs incurred).

For everybody at the campsite there will be hot showers, clean toilets, cold drinking water, free parking, free wifi, and free phone charging. If you like, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast at the urban campsite for affordable prices.

Stadscamping Tilburg
Sint Ceciliastraat 1
5038 HA Tilburg

Campsite Tickets on sale, Friday, October 2 at 21:00 CET

3-nights (Thursday through Saturday)€ 40
4-nights (Thursday through Sunday)€ 50
5-nights (Wednesday through Sunday)€ 60
1-night (Sunday, April 17)15 Euro

Additional ticket camper van€ 17,50

Flexotels (excl. service fees):
A €100 cash deposit is required when collecting your keys, which will be returned when checking out (minus any damage costs incurred).

Flexotel for 2 people, from Thursday, through Sunday (4 nights)€ 360
Flexotel for 3 people, from Thursday, through Sunday (4 nights)€ 420
Flexotel for 4 people, from Thursday, through Sunday (two bunks, 4 nights)€ 480

+ Services fees

Roadburn 2016 - Urban Campsite

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