Roadburn 2015: A Heartfelt Thank You!

Dear Roadburners,

As you make your way home from another incredible edition of the festival, we wanted to share with you that Roadburn 2015 officially sold out during the event.

Thanks to the fantastic weather and relaxed atmosphere, Roadburn became a home away from home for all of you travelling here from all over the globe. Thursday turned into a day of intensive socialising for both bands and audience as once again we all convened at the 013 venue in Tilburg to start another weekend of festivities. We may have raised a few eyebrows this year with our line up – which was even more diverse than usual – however, everything came together perfectly; the bands and audiences perfectly in tune with each other.

The unity between bands, crew, attendees, industry professionals and everybody in between was at the core of this year’s success and inspired the artists to put on mindblowing performances. It was overwhelming to speak to so many of you who wanted to share with us your enjoyment and excitement at this year’s programme. So many bands felt the same way; they complimented each other and watched each other’s sets leading to a unique, almost tangible feeling of community and creativity, making this the most chilled out Roadburn yet.

Thank you all for putting your faith in Roadburn and giving us the courage to keep pushing forward creatively, musically and artistically. A lot of people felt that Thursday was the most “traditional” Roadburn day, but in fact it was just the start of an incredible sonic adventure that everybody plunged headfirst into. The journey continued on, with the most fantastic atmosphere and sky high level of musicianship on the main stage during Houses of the Holistic, which carried on through the weekend until the very end of Tweak Bird‘s set in the early hours of Monday morning.

We envisioned Roadburn 2015 to be a two-way street of inspiration and creativity – and everybody that was present contributed to that coming to life. Thank you all – Roadburn veterans and newbies alike – for making this a reality. We simply couldn’t wish for more to celebrate our 20th anniversary – it’s been a milestone, a marker, and a huge achievement for all of us. It gives us the drive to raise the bar even higher for Roadburn 2016 – which will take place 14 – 17 April next year.

See you back here in 2016!

Walter on behalf of Jurgen, Becky, all of Roadburn and the entire 013 venue teams.


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