Album of the Day: HORNSS – No Blood, No Sympathy

Praise for HORNSS No Blood, No Sympathy from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: Behold, the first full-length, facegrinding slab of psychedelic stoner rock malevolence from these San Francisco heavies, the all-caps and very plural HORNSS, who appeared on that Monsters Of Mission Rock comp lp we listed last time. Hell yeah. A little Sabbath, a little Hawkwind, probably a lot of beer and weed, this is kinda trippy, and super HEAVY – another thing we must put in all-caps about ’em.

HORNSS - No Blood No Sympathy
HORNSS sure have a lot of gnarly gargly punked out energy to their hard, rollicking riffing, which goes hand in hand (and fist in face) with the raggedly wailing vocals that, while gruff, we found to be much more melodic than expected (and we’re not talking about the dainty female guest vox on the track ‘Ejaculation Of Serpents’).

Groovy sludge, sludgey groove, did we already say “hell yeah”? We did. And we will again, every time we spin this. No Blood, No Sympathy sure can be a real ripper, reminding us of young hardcore Melvins on such cuts as ‘Graceless And Aged’, while also having its laid back moments of spacey Sabbathy ‘Planet Caravan’ style psychedelia, elsewhere.

The Melvins comparison also comes into play on ‘Debreeding’, where the vocals make us think of Buzz Osbourne singing an Alice Cooper cover.

All lovers of the riff, all lovers of the rockin’, can chalk up another big win for the Easy Rider label (billed here as Riding Easy for some reason, but it’s the same label we’re pretty sure, they’re not foolin’ anyone)!

At 40 years old, Aquarius is the oldest independent record store in San Francisco. We try to only carry music we love, and we’re always searching for more new, cool, weird and wonderful music. All of which we then share with you, our loyal customers.

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  1. Mathieu S. says:

    The label got a ‘cease & desist’ from Easyrider Magazine (y’know, the biker magazine) from using the name. Paisano Publications, the parent company, sent a letter since last Dec. 2013. They have a scan of at their site; it’s quite visible on the main page. Hence, the official name change to Riding Easy Records.

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