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Album of the Day: Dwellers – Pagan Fruit

Posted on Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Obelisk: A guitar line echoes, swells, is met with a quick wash of cymbal, and almost before you realize it, Dwellers have eased you into the pulsing ‘Creature Comfort’, the opener of their second album for Small Stone, Pagan Fruit. The Salt Lake City, Utah, three-piece have refined the stylistic ideas put forth on their 2012 debut, Good Morning Harakiri, and the result is a molten nine tracks / 48 minutes of graceful, patient, heavy psychedelic blues.

Front to back, it is neither haphazard nor overly constructed feeling, guitarist / vocalist Joey Toscano (ex-Iota) leading the sway with the rhythm section of bassist Dave Jones and drummer Zach Hatsis (both also of SubRosa) helping to steer the material as much as ground it. Songs like the cello-infused ‘Spirit of the Staircase’ drive into exploratory vibes, spaced out and ethereal, but there’s a melancholy at work underneath that, in combination with a more confident vocal and instrumental approach, gives Pagan Fruit a genuine sense of consciousness.

dwellers - pagan fruit

It holds to these even in its most swaggering moments, say ‘Rare Eagle’ on side A, ‘Devoured by Lions’ or the penultimate ‘Waiting on Winter’, and finds its most vivid emotional ground in its moments of pleading, as on the rolling second cut, ‘Totem Crawler’, with its chorus, “Oh, my queen/To whom I crawl,” or the CD centerpiece ‘Son of Raven’, which begs, ‘Come home’, in repeated fashion. These songs are a far cry from any sort of toughguy mentality or dudely let’s-get-drunk-on-beer-and-write-songs-about-whiskey posturing, and ultimately it’s that sincere vibe paired with the memorable songwriting itself that makes Pagan Fruit such a satisfying, engaging experience.

It has its raucous stretches, and a steady flourish of organ from Jones and synth, vibraphone and Rhodes from Hatsis adds depth to the arrangements, and while its songs hit with no shortage of impact – recorded by Toscano‘s former Iota bandmate Andy Patterson, Hatsis‘ kick feels like it’s coming from inside your brain — Pagan Fruit is not a bombastic album. In pacing and execution it is patient and carefully done, a song like ‘Return to the Sky’ finding its soul as much in the raindrop melody of its keys as in Toscano‘s lyrics.

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(Courtesy of JJ Koczan / The Obelisk)

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