Album of the Day: Shooting Guns – Brotherhood of the Ram

Lovingly pinched from Hellbound: When I heard first Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976 by Saskatoon’s Shooting Guns I was blown away. This was psychedelic heavy stoner instrumental sweetness of the highest order. Too bad I was a year late to the party. But now that I’m onboard, the party will never stop. Shooting Guns are back with their latest long player, Brotherhood of the Ram.

Shooting Guns - Brotherhood of the Ram

Again the Guns are blazing with six tracks of blissed-out jams fit for copious consumption. Now, I know some people say that track-by-track reviews are unprofessional or whatever. But you know what, man? Shooting Guns don’t have a singer so they’re not playing by “the rules”. So I’m not either. Fuck it. There are six in the chamber. Lock and load!

Brotherhood opens with ‘Real Horse Footage’. With instrumental music one wonders where the song titles come from. In this case I can’t help but wonder if it’s from a website that asks for age verification. Anyway, the track is based on an easy, steady riff with a killer biker feel. As is normal, it’s a hypnotic journey amid a wash of synths and organs. The bass playing of Jay Loos hides in the background anonymously propelling the song.

It’s true that ‘Motherfuckers Never Learn’. And this track never learned the meaning of quit. The longest on the LP strip-mines a Deep Purple strain of golden riffing and forms it into an endless highway. The track’s pace feels like mile markers clipping by as you race down that space highway. The sense of motion is barely discernible as you float on waves of psychedelic synths, pushed forward by their peristaltic inertia.

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