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Album of the Day: Blackfinger – Blackfinger

Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Lovingly pinched from The Obelisk: It’s unavoidable when it comes to Blackfinger, so one might as well just come out and say it: Yes, Eric Wagner used to be in Trouble, and as a member of that band he had a hand in crafting some of the best American doom ever and cementing a legacy that has spent three decades rippling outward from their Chicago hometown.

All of this is true. It’s also true that Wagner isn’t in Trouble anymore, and while he’s also joined forces in The Skull with fellow Trouble alums Ron Holzner (bass) and Jeff “Oly” Olson (drums), the five-piece project Blackfinger has been looming in the background for several years now — Wagner was interviewed here about it in 2011, and the name was tossed around at least a year earlier than that in connection with Dark Star Records, who now handles the digital release of Blackfinger‘s self-titled debut, while The Church Within presses the CD and vinyl.

blackfinger - blackfinger

On the album, Wagner is joined by guitarists Rico Bianchi and Doug Hakes, bassist Ben Smith (since replaced by Willie Max, also of Spillage) and drummer Larry Piatz, and those who’d approach it thinking they’ll get a port of Trouble‘s doom probably haven’t been paying attention either to Blackfinger‘s development or the last for records Trouble put out before Wagner left in 2008.

Blackfinger‘s Blackfinger may touch on some of the same ideas as material from Wagner‘s past — the short ‘All the Leaves are Brown’, which was also an advance single, has a classically driving head-down motor-riff, and cuts like ‘Why God’ and ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ offer some immediately familiar swinging rhythms — but the album overall presents a personality distinct from Trouble both in where it wants to go and how it gets there, however impossible it may be to view the one without the context of the other.

Notably, the piano- and string-infused ‘As Long as I’m with You’, the particularly Floydian strums of ‘For One More Day’ and the intimate acoustic-led finish of highlight ‘Keep Fallin’ Down’ present a depth of mood and breadth of songwriting that, to compare, Trouble had little interest in displaying on their 2013 post-Wagner outing, The Distortion Field.

Taken in combination with rockers like ‘Yellowood’, with its lurching starts and stops, and guitar-fueled fare like ‘My Many Colored Days’, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ and ‘Here Comes the Rain’, Blackfinger comes across as more varied and a richer listening experience. Opener ‘I am Jon’ and the fourth track, ‘On Tuesday Morning’, work to bridge the gap from one side to the other, so where it might otherwise come across as bipolar, the album flows well through these atmospheres.

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(Courtesy off JJ Koczan / The Obelisk)

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