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Album of the day: SubRosa – More Constant Than the Gods

Posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Lovingly pinched from Pitchfork: ‘Fat of the Ram’ —the pugnacious and swirling fourth track on the new album from fascinating Salt Lake City doom metal band SubRosa—is a folk song. Never mind the weighty guitars that hang like thick shadows or the forceful drums that punch through them. Forget the enraged voices that bellow the lyrics and the slide guitar line that closes tight like a noose, too. Instead, listen to what Rebecca Vernon has to sing: She sets a scene of accepted and quiet suffering, where lakes go septic and unhappiness gets swept under the rug.

Dreams are dreamt only in the privacy of homes and otherwise suppressed. The rich lords expect to be left alone, to be given time to “anoint themselves in their finest.” Vernon ends with a glimpse of possible redemption, a Plato’s Cave moment where the narrator intuits life outside of the town’s shadowy desolation. This is the lament of a layperson holding onto the distant promise of hope, a tune not unlike one that Harry Smith might’ve collected.

Subrosa - More Constant

This isn’t surprising for SubRosa. On 2011’s No Help for the Mighty Ones, the band covered the morose, damned-to-hell Scottish ballad ‘The House Carpenter’, a song Vernon admits she first heard through Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. But that was just an eerie a cappella interpretation.

‘Fat of the Ram’, like the rest of More Constant than the Gods, is an exceptionally articulated full-band assault, arranged to give each song and story beneath it maximum impact. Often in doom, the impulse can be to turn up and drown out, treating the song mostly as a reason for amplifier massages. (To wit, see the recent Windhand LP, Soma.) This quintet—two violins, three vocalists, bass, drums and Vernon’s wonderful guitar—are much more meticulous than that, treating each number like its own opera rather than an excuse for an onslaught.

Combined with Vernon’s uncommonly keen ear for hooks (however dark-hearted they may be) and the band’s grand sense of dynamics, that approach keeps More Constant than the Gods moving throughout its 68 minutes. It’s too active and involving to become a slog or a bore. Instead, it’s one of the year’s most exhilarating heavy metal records.

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Album of the Day: Earthless – From The Ages

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The Road To Roadburn by Kim Kelly

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