Roadburn 2013: 13 Highlights from the 013 (Boxx Magazine)

Boxx Magazine‘s first overseas adventure and definitely not our last, Holland’s Roadburn Festival began in 1995 and originally took place at the Effenaar in Eindhoven before it found its home at the 013 in Tilburg. Roadburn Festival has become Europe’s leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of musical expression outside the norm.

The entire event is run flawlessly by veterans like Walter Hoeijmakers (Promoter, Artistic director), Yvonne MacLean (Marketing & Promotion), and Jurgen van den Brand (Managing director financing and strategy, Audio-recordings, Merchandise). With the year being 2013, the venue named 013, and the festival incorporating various forms of metal, it seemed only fitting to list thirteen of our favorite moments from Roadburn 2013.

Golden Void
Although the Dutch black metallers in Nihill did their best to beat all of the joy and happy feelings out of the weekend with a venomous, miserable set during Roadburn’s traditional Afterburner (another colossal debut performance), they weren’t able to overcome the warmth and positivity brought by San Francisco Bay Area hard psych quartet, Golden Void.

The band, which features Roadburn alumni Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell and Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound keyboardist Camilla Saufley-Mitchell along with bassist Aaron Morgan and drummer Justin Pinkerton, treated a packed house to tunes off its recently-released self-titled record (Thrill Jockey), an blend of classic psychedelia and crunchy rock ‘n’ roll led by Mitchell’s soulful, wailing lead guitar.

While its sound may be steeped in a bygone era, Golden Void has an undeniable freshness, and flawlessly delivers without some of the pretentions and clichés that often mark “retro” rock bands. The show marked the end of the band’s two-week European tour and, as we learned in our interview with an effervescent Saufley-Mitchell, a special anniversary. It was at Roadburn’s 2008 edition that she and Mitchell—now married—first met. Let it be written on next year’s commemorative T-shirt; “Roadburn Is For Lovers.”

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