Album of the day: Corsair – Corsair

Lovingly pinched from Bloody Good Horror: Over the course of the last year or so, two themes have stood out to me as I take in as much of the music scene as I can; 1) progressive music has come out of the shadows, and 2) vintage sounds have become more than merely a gimmick. And when the two trends come together, you can either end up with the hipster indie-rock equivalent of a metal band, or with something that recalls the olden days in the best of manners. For the sake of my sanity, Corsair is decidedly the latter.


Corsair borrows heavily from early progressive and heavy metal tropes, piecing together a canvas of vintage tones and approaches that bring to mind a simpler time, when music was all about music, and not who could amass the most YouTube views or Facebook likes. It’s that sort of detachment from the world at large that comes through in those mildly-overdriven guitar tones, the kind that sound oh so sweet to ears overloaded by washes of digital fuzz.

If you need any proof that Corsair isn’t here to jump on trends for the sake of popularity, you only need to listen to opener ‘Agathyrsi’, an instrumental tune with heavy riffs, plenty of twin-guitar harmonies, and solos that pretend shred never happened. I’m not sure the composition works as a song, but there’s more than enough melodic guitar playing to make up for whatever structural problems there may be. It’s certainly not the common way to come out of the gates and win fans, but it does make a statement, which is more important.

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