Album of the day: Coloured Balls – Ball Power (Vinyl)

Praise for Coloured BallsBall Power from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: Of the ’70s heavy rock releases from Australia of which we’re aware, the two albums by a band called Coloured Balls stand out as being crucial to connoisseurs of loud guitar rock (along with the mighty Buffalo, of course).

This one, Ball Power, is their debut from 1973, and it reveals a high energy band reveling in the oldies rock n’ roll of years past (witness their cover of ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’) while revving up the raw, anti-hippie energy that would explode in the UK circa ’77…

Coloured Balls - Ball Power

Yeah, while the aforementioned Buffalo were a proto-metal outfit, sort of the Aussie uncles of Monster Magnet, the Coloured Balls, whilst heavy, we’d have to describe as being more punk, or proto-punk. And there’s a definite dose of boogie bar band bluesiness a la George Thorogood, or better yet, UK blues rock greats the Groundhogs, circa their progressive masterpiece Split. But with much more of a hooligan, kick-yer-head in edge, that’s for sure.

Some other early ’70s acts with similar tendencies with which Coloured Balls could be aligned include the Pink Fairies, the MC5, Crushed Butler, and, not long after, AC/DC.

Apparently they had a lot of trouble with their “anti-social” image (sorta skinheadish “sharpie” haircuts, violence at their shows) but this music’s got a lot more going for it than that. The recording simply sounds fantastic, powerful. Real rock n’ roll guts and gusto, played by guys who knew what the heck they were doin’ – Coloured Balls were the brainchild of an already-veteran guitar hero named Lobby Loyde, who is all over this album.

Ball Power is a classic – just ask Pavement‘s Stephen Malkmus, he’s a big fan.

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