Album of the day: Arbouretum – Coming Out of the Fog

Lovingly pinched from Dusted Magazine: Dave Heumann’s Arbouretum is arguably the best of the millennial classic rock bands, a guitar-fuzzed powerhouse that follows Neil Young’s trampled trail, bending folk and country into surreal shapes through the sheer force of volume and distortion.

Coming Out of the Fog is Arbouretum’s fifth full-length, and it is not quite a complaint to say that it is more of the same. Heumann has placed more emphasis on song structure this time out, less on open-ended, jammed improvisation, and the recording quality continues to improve. Still, the basic template is not much different from Rites of Uncovering. As always, these are loud, slow, ponderously heavy songs that explore the conjunction of feedback buzz and intellectual inquiry, 16-bar blues and spiritual struggle.

Arbouretum - Coming Out of the Fog

‘World Split Open’ is the most blistering of these songs, a corrosive stew of guitar tones stripped down almost past the note, so that they’re all crackle and static and hardly any melody. The drums, too, are hard and confrontational, a quickfire volley of kick drum and snare erupting, occasionally, from a nailed-down relentless beat. Heumann’s voice floats over the blare, a serene, modal tune wafting through turmoil, a bit like Young’s singing threaded through the fever of ‘Down By the River’.

Heumann’s way of taking a folk song and making it roar comes to the front with ‘The Promise’. This song, with its rampaging, rust-tipped guitar riff, sounds like anything but a murder ballad.

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