Album of the day: Mugstar – Axis

Lovingly pinched from Soundblab: Mugstar have released some fine music over the last couple of years including a split record with Oneida and this year’s atmospheric OST album Ad Marginem. Yet for many, Axis may be the first you’ve heard of Mugstar since 2010s well-received Lime album.

Now I’ll cut-to-the-chase: Axis blows their recent releases out of the water and, after listening to it on almost constant repeat this week, I’m convinced it’s one of the year’s finest LPs. Where Ad Marginem stood as a subtle and tension-racked LP, Axis sounds positively euphoric in places, bursting with energy and new ideas.

The album starts with the tribal drums and tense, repetitive guitar riffs of ‘Black Fountain’, an urgent slice of Krautrock-influenced psychedelia. It’s with second track, ‘Hollow Ox’, that you really start to sit up and listen though.

‘Hollow Ox’ comes on like horror soundtrack maestros’ Goblin trying to play classic rock riffs. There’s a gobsmackingly brilliant organ / keyboard motif at the centre and a feeling that Mugstar have somehow managed to hit new and ever more impressive peaks, nine years into their time together.

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