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Day one… actually day zero. To properly prep for the four day marathon of Roadburn, I flew in early and spent an extra day in Amsterdam to fight jet lag and spent some time at Excalibur and The Cave with a local metal fan originally from Poland. At a late night falafel stand I ran into two people just back from a Daniel Johnston show at a local church and the drummer from the Meat Puppets just off from some shows in Italy. I found out too late (ie, the next day) that Wino and Conny Ochs played a free show at a squat downtown.

I knew Roadburn was to be an overload but didn’t realize I’d be starting right away. More than eighty bands over four days and four stages looked to be a daunting challenge of stamina, but I was up for that challenge.

It’d be pointless to ramble on about the countless awesome moments that Roadburn yielded during the proper three days and somewhat-attenuated Sunday known as Afterburner, so instead I’ll try to distill the very best moments as some sort of loose diary.

Barn Owl – The duo of Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras keep getting better and better, and the hulking sound scapes and lonely parched lands they conjure from just two guitars is fairly incredible to experience. For fans of Earth who want a bit less plod to the processions, seek this out.

Sleep – Despite Voivod‘s curation of Friday, playing Dimension Hatröss in it’s entirety as well as a full set on the opening night, the big draw of the weekend for most of the people I talked with was Sleep. The main room was jammed (even the photo pit was full to capacity; luckily I was shooting for the band so I had the freedom to shoot the entire show from wherever I could squeeze myself to), and they did not disappoint, bringing the full Iommic crunch to bear with a primal, beautifully  thunderous howl. Visuals by Josh Graham and sound by Dave Clark completed the full team approach, and afterwards bass player Al Cisneros proclaimed that it was his favorite Sleep gig ever.

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