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The Quietus: Roadburn Festival 2012 by Jamie Thomson

Posted on Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Last year, Jamie Thomson road all the way to Roadburn for The Quietus. This time around, he’s taken powered transport… but his trusty two-wheeler is still along for a basting from some of the finest names in metal.

Wow, rush hour in Eindhoven is just as bad as it is in London. This is total bedlam!” I thought to myself as I negotiated teeming crowds of very damp, very angry Dutch people at the city’s central station. I was on my way to Tilburg, home to the Roadburn Festival and its annual celebration of all things heavy. My companions for the weekend had gone ahead of me, and – after having a disco nap, much-needed after a 6am start – my plan was to breeze into the festival well-rested, and catch up with them during Agalloch’s set.

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm whose distant rumbles had lulled me to sleep in my Eindhoven hotel had other plans. A lightning strike had knocked out the power for most of the rail network in the area, and the station was filling up with more and more people desperate to get home, but with no way of doing so. In among the throng was the odd hairy man in a black metal shirt, looking panicked at the thought of missing Roadburn’s opening day.

Had I had more presence of mind, I would have corralled us all together, jumped in a cab and make the 30-mile or so journey that way, 120 euros lighter of pocket between us. Instead, I fumed slightly at the irony of the situation, given that it was only last year that I cycled to the festival from London as an example of what can be done when the entire travel network goes tits up in the face of nature’s meddlesome ways (as it had done in 2010). I even had my bike with me, too (albeit, put to bed for the night in the cycle park under the station.) But cycling 30 miles without maps? Or preparation? With the light fading? In this bloody weather?!? Nah. I’ll wait it out. Besides, the trains can’t be down for that long, can they?

Day 1 (slight delay)

Four hours later, I finally make it to 013, the venue that is the jewel in Roadburn‘s crown and where 75% of the weekend’s action will take place. All the performances that I’d planned to ease into the festival with had long since finished, and exist now only as text-message appraisals (Agalloch were ‘fcking brillaint’), one-sided conversations (‘Did you see Saturnalia Temple? They were amazing!’ ‘Ummm…’) or overheard snippets of bar conversations (Red Fang were ‘very Baronessy’, apparently). However, most of Roadburn is experienced this way.

While there’ll be a few touchstones that everyone wants to see – Sleep, OM, The Obsessed – and will cram into the main room for a mass congregation in praise of ‘the riff’, it’s entirely possible for three people to have three entirely different weekends all within a few feet of each other.

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